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Not much of a drawer :/


Random furfag
I'm a bit of a noobish artist (just started drawing daily about two days ago, so please bare with me :3), so critique everything that you can! :3 I'm rather bad at body perportions and perspectives and I think those need the most work too.

I drew this last night thinking it looked awesome, but I looked back it this morning and it looks really odd now xD


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head's quite small; that might be why it looks weird. But at this point you should probably be working on the basics, like form and line.

But first thing's first: buy a sketchbook. Buy copy paper. Work on anything that isn't lined paper. lined paper is good for doodles in math class but as far as studies and sketches go it hinders. It makes it look unprofessional and not pleasant to look at.

okay back to what I was saying: start with the basics. Do some simple studies - apples, boxes in perspective, etc. Do them on large paper if you can. draw bunches and bunches of sketches in different perspectives.

http://www.drawspace.com/ <--- here's a good site for beginners. Go to the "individual lessons" section of the beginner's place and look around. "Learn to see", "contour lines" and "values" are good sections to start.

Welcome to the world of drawing! :] keep up at it and feel free to come back for some direction when you'd like it!


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I dunno how in depth we can be with someone who just started 2 days ago. I could gab your ears off about proper perspective, compositional issues, line variation and what have you, but you said it yourself. You know you need work on anatomy and perspective and I 100% agree with you. But yeah; buy a sketchbook, take those mittens off of your subject's hands, straighten out that wonky face and just keep at it. I mean it in jest, hell, my stuff didn't look like this 2 days in, it was far more Animu. Keep at it.

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I'm not much of a drawer either. Then I went to the furniture store and found one that was! :p

However, if you're not much of an artist, it means you didn't put enough time into being one and how much does it take you to get there - your mileage will vary. I do know that takes years.


It's generally true of any hobby that the ones who are best at it have just spent the most time doing it.
I agree with FireFeathers, there's not much to say that practice in itself won't show you. So many people go around asking artists how they got so good, and they always give the same answer.

If it's really important to you, you'll make it happen.