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Not sure about myself or my fursona


Hi. I'm a new fur. I think that's what it's called. I'm 25 going on 26, and I'm a bisexual woman. I'm married.

I love my wife and my home life. I have a good relationship with my family. But I have no close friends. Not after college anyway. I want to make friends but it's hard for me. I often second guess myself and have to fight to overcome my instincts to hide away. That certainly won't make me friends.

I've been trying to draw. I'm not much good. I've been working on an OC that I'm calling Sapphire. She is going by Sapphire, but her real name is Molly. She is like a more insecure version of me, very quiet. She has an active inner world and imagination like me. Unlike me, I picture her working in an office. In her free time, she is an amateur artist and musician. I am also a musician, but not in any way that could financially support me. I teach elementary music to do that.

She is in the closet, unlike me. She is a lesbian, unlike me. Like me, she sucks in social situations... I realize I need to get to a point.

I want to know if my fursona is an entity separate from me - a better, imaginary version of myself. Or if she is a reflection of me. Maybe she is both. I don't know what I'm doing.

Also, I think she is a skunk. Or a skunk-rabbit hybrid. Is that something that can do? Is there a special name for different cross-species characters?

Sorry for rambling. I just feel lonely and I don't know where to start.


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Fursonas can be a lot of different things. For some people, they're just animal versions of themselves, with all the same traits as their human self. For others, they're more like characters completely different from themselves, who they identify with in some way. Most fursonas are somewhere in between, which is what yours sounds like. And hybrid animals are perfectly fine (personally I think they look the most interesting)!

I think that lots of furry fandom activities can be really fun and therapeutic when you're feeling lonely. Making art and characters can be a good way to explore different parts of your identity, and chatting with people online can be good practice for becoming more social. I hope you find some comfort in the fandom!


A fursona can be whatever you want it to be, that's the beauty of it! For some it's a direct reflection of themselves but in animal form, for some it's what they wish they were to be (basically what mine is for me), some it's entirely different from them and not necessarily something they would want to be. If you're comfortable with her the way she is, then go for it.

And yes, hybrids are a thing and aren't so uncommon! Mine is a hybrid of multiple types of big cats.

I struggle with being shy and such too, so I understand where you're coming from on making friends. I'm awful at it and haven't had a real-life friend since high school, just internet friends, which are very fleeting. I've been trying to use my sona as a way to connect better. I try to imagine what she would do in a situation, even if I'm afraid of it. She's much stronger than I am, so she can get through a lot more. It doesn't always work, but it has had some success.
I really believe that you can make fursona the way you want. There are people who do the best part of it out there. Others prefer to deal with repressed emotions by turning them into a cute animal that needs care. Similar to a self-healing process.

I had several doubts like that at the beginning. I already considered being a lion once ahahah.
I am a bisexual "bear" (chubby bearded) IRL, but my fursona is a scared, curious, wild cat. Basically I took parts of me that are clear and put it ahahaha
About hybrids, I find it very interesting, especially when the characteristics match.


Thanks a lot, all of you. I know that being in this fandom probably isn't a cookie-cutter experience for anyone. It's just a big place and I feel a little overwhelmed and lost. But I'll find friends, I hope. I've always had a affinity, for lack of a better word, for anthro characters. But now I think I'm ready to take a step forward and be part of a community. I just hope it's a place I can find people I can relate to. *shrug*


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If you want a skunk and a rabbit together, I highly suggest a chinchilla-

Otherwise, yes, hybrids are a thing you can do. However, myself, I prefer to think outside the box use actual animals that the hybrid would actually be functionally and/or by appearance. Back in the day, I was using a bear-dog hybrid. However, between point A and point B, I found out that bears and dogs have a shared common ancestor, the amphycon. -So I use that as my fursona instead. |DD
Plus having a fur whose's functionally extinct and prehistoric is kind of quirky. Beyond everything else, I think it suits this "beat of my own drum" thing I've been doing for the past 30 years--

As for your sona, other bushy tailed, long eared, rabbit/skunk possibilities are- anteaters, aardvarks (like Arthur!), squirrels-

To answer your question about your sona in relation to yourself, I'll just talk about how I use my sona. I am an rper with also a rich internal life (that I've been neglecting as of late, but it's one of my resolutions to remedy that). I have a lot of different characters that I play. However, my *sona*, the bear-dog, I do not use in rps as my sona is me (and most of the rp scenarios I play I wouldn't personally want to be appart of, lol).

At most, I use this sona to represent me in art. I don't really have a desire to have a fur suit right now. At most, I'd probably have a lolita/gijinka outfit that would reflect my sona if I ever get into costuming/cosplaying again. I don't really feel like my sona/myself really has a community following like others? I am known in the community I suppose (for better or for worse), and at most I make small cameos in my more well-known friend's shenanigans.

Finally, I would want to say that once you reach your late 20s, early 30s, it's a bit harder to make friends. It's not like in college or high school where you have proximity to people everyday and making friends is the expectation. It's different for actual adult stuff where you have work and work colleagues (not necessarily your friends). You also have to schedule time to be with your friends and, its hard~. Don't beat yourself up over it, just make yourself available.


Just wanted to share with you all my initial design of Sapphire. Please excuse my drawing skills, I'm not a super great artist. I prefer to roleplay and write.


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When I first made Sabrina my fursona, we weren't the same age nor did I think we had the same sexuality (when I first made her my fursona, I hadn't figured out I was bi yet, while Sabby always was, and Sabby was always 17 though she's been my 'sona since I was 15 or 16.) And before that, I had a male fursona that was 19. Your fursona doesn't have to be an exact portrayal of you, nor do they really have to be anything like you. The only requirement for your fursona is that you want that character to be your fursona. There are no rules.


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Welcome to the forums :)

In my opinion, Skunk-sonas are the best.
But I might be a bit biased here :D

There are a lot of hybrids here, so I don't see any problems of having a skunk-rabbit sona :)