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Not sure if this is the right place for this...


Hey all.

I have a little animation request and im not sur eif i should put it here or not.


So i have a picture i made in photoshop :D
I plan to use it in my machinimas, but i want it animated.

So heres what i want...

The picture is here

So what i want is to have each layer enter with a sortof crash (each ring) then once they are all into the frame, have the outer layer spin to have the G appear.

I wasnt sure if i should post this hear but facepunch kinda hates me. SO if anyone can do this, well Thanks!!

If not, ill try to do it myself (and fail :D )


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I doubt you will find anyone here who will do this for free.
I wonder how did you make that in PS.
Because I sure lack the knowledge in PS to do anything like this.
And I know a bit in PS animation, but nope.


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I'd advise offering a trade of some sort in exchange for the animation work. If someone is going to put effort into animating this image then you'll likely get a better bite if you offer some of your photoshop skill to them in return.


Nfortunatly I have no skill really. I learned how to do thus from a friend. I could attempt 3d model your character... It won't turn out good plus I have a historical piece I'm working on. I guess if someone is willing to do it o can colour and sketch something after I'm done my current lineup.

@cynical I can make you a personalized one if you would like if you try to animate it :D