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Not sure where to post this but ATTENTION ALL THELOONERKING FANS

Jacob Bender

Dj jumpsta’s human form
ATTENTION ALL Userpage of theloonerking -- Fur Affinity [dot] net FANS!
THELOONERKING is in GREAT DANGER! He wants to male hopper ball arts but charges $15 for a COMISSION of them! For those of you who like to spend money for commissions, this may seem like no big deal to you, but there's more. While he has started making hopper ball arts, sadly no one has commissioned him. One reason being that no one that I know of can afford his PayPal deal of $15 (and since my debit card now bounces my purchases I can't get money to him for one) AND he owes leinsterwolf@gmail.com money for a $236 bill statement after writing a story comission RENDERING HIM UNABLE TO MAKE HOPPER BALL REQUESTS FREE!!!
There are two options.
1.send money to leinsterwolf@gmail.com with that exact amount on PayPal
Yup I made a pool for it. BUT ACT FAST (even though this pool ends on 2021 JUST ACT FAST paypal.me: HOPPER BALL DA COMISSION PRICE REDUCER

Deleted member 115426

Didn't you already make a thread like this and everyone told you that the guy got himself into this mess and he should get himself out of it?