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NotePad++ Mass edit of HTML tags?


Okay so what I have here is this tag I am wanting to edit:
<a  rel="nofollow" href="11">
And I am wanting the tag to look like this:
<a  rel="nofollow" href="11.htm">

Now here is the fun part the '11' is pretty much going to change from page to page, so my question is how can I edit... well a shit tone of pages, without having to change the '11' over and over again?


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Pretty sure you're shit out of luck mate. You're probably gonna have to do a Find and replace for each page. Someone else might have an idea though.


Depending on how screwed up your problem is, you might be able to monkey up some python to do it or similar. Presumably you're using windows - since you mentioned notepad++ - so you won't be using bash or perl or whatever.


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Wll if there aren't any other numbers on those pages you might be able to write a unix shell, C, matlab, whatever, script to replace the numbers sequentially by file name. I mean if it is less than say 100 pages its probably easier to do it manually if you arent good with an easy procedural language...


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take your favorite drink, and change it manually with your favorite music.


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is there only one per page?

Also, notepad++ has a find and replace if you hit ctrl+f so you don't actually have to find em all.

EDIT: Just realized I bumped this pretty bad... sorry about that. Have to remember to look at dates on this place.