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Comment Problem: Notification


Why am I not notified of every comment made on a submission that I have made? I just discovered this. Two people were having an argument through comments on one of my submissions and I didn't even know about it until just now since I didn't get any notice in my Inbox of new comments.

I would like to know about every comment made. I shouldn't have to regularly check each of my submissions in case I get a comment that I wasn't notified about. That just bugs the crap out of me.


Yeah this really irritates me. I hate when people get into a big fucking argument on my submissions and it gets deleted due to one of the people reporting the other for harassment

and then im all
wtf... why is my shit delted

[happened recently]


It is annoying that you're only notified of comments made directly at the submission, and comments that are direct replies to your comment.

Sometimes I miss out on shenanigans that my post spawns because it's all in a reply to my comment. So not cool.