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Nouveua McNewblett


Thrashing About
Hey, this is me cautiously dipping a toe into a fandom that I'll either regrettably associate myself, regrettably leave, regrettably make myself look like an ass to all of you for saying I joined this site regrettably, or have a ton of fun and not give a damn of the outcome. No hard feelings?

I've always had somewhat of an obsession with reptiles, werewolves, and dragons, which makes me perfect fodder for those judgmental dirtbags that think it's totally okay to call anyone who likes those things a furry, or more in my case, a scalie. I've always denied it for... certain reasons. I was arguably dragged to my first convention, Further Confusion 2013, and it was the most awkward experience ever, but it was not without enjoyment. Great art, cool people, fantastic fursuits. It is a lot easier to appreciate those things in person than over the internet.

Is it a bad thing to be in the fandom? That's what I'm here to find out. You can call this my journey to self discovery.

I like the usual - video games, video games, sleeping, and video games.

I have many names, like Dude, Hey, Sup, Yo, Man, and Manlyguy. But you guys can call me SkyboundTerror - it fits the occasion.


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hmm that first bit sounded kinda offensive but eh you seem sincere enough. I'm ToaEnemis, I'm pretty new here too, nice to meet you. Can I call you Charizard Guy instead of Manly Guy? you seem more like a charizard guy to me X3.


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Welcome to the island of missfit toys. Why was FC awkward?


Thrashing About
I have noticed, haha. I say "regrettably" because the first furries I ever came to know were the weirdest of the weirdest (and one nasty stalker who managed to get my contact info, too), and because of them, my perception of the fandom was skewed. But, that was a long time ago. Thankfully, I've made many furry friends through the years who set my vision straight, though I still have the bad memories that linger. I wouldn't want to be associated with that part of the fandom. Everyone here seems cool so far, and I am glad!

Welcome to the island of missfit toys. Why was FC awkward?

Thank you. And it was awkward for me because I did not know what to expect walking into the convention center and panels 110% of the time. It wasn't by any means a bad experience.

Enemis, don't pretend like you don't know me. lmao
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Welcome! I have never been to a conference of any sort but i would have expected it to be ...fun.
Welcome to the Forums.