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I am offering commissions now on my page here and it is pretty self explanitory. I don't go buy what the art is of. I price affording to medium. It always worked out better like that. With that said, I will draw anything and everything though I draw the line at anything fetish and anything hateful. I may be shy, but I am all about love and kindness. With that said, here is what I do;

- Heads/busts or portraits
- Backgrounds
- Full body
- Animals
- Fantasy
- Science fiction
- People
- Furry/Anthros
- Scenes with or without backgrounds
- $5 for Sketch format
- $10 for Ink format
- $20 for Full Colour format

Just one other thing, the more detailed the picture is, the more time it takes to do. Sketches are my fastest work while full colour takes me the longest. If you are interested, give me a note and we can talk :)