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Number of siblings?

How many siblings do you have?

  • 0

    Votes: 9 11.3%
  • 1

    Votes: 28 35.0%
  • 2

    Votes: 18 22.5%
  • 3 or more

    Votes: 25 31.3%

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Your friendly neighborhood fur
Just curious as to what the average number of siblings everyone has is. I have one older sibling, a sister.

rawrsome wolf

Bass Legend, sorta
1 freakingly annoying younger sister

Beta Link

Not a Bird
I have 3 siblings. One younger brother, one younger sister, and one older sister.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
1 brother, and 2 half sisters.


is a Gunnery Sergeant now.
3, one sister with a 2 yr old, 19 yrs old. another sister with 2 kids 1yr and 3yr with another one coming, 25yrs old. and one brother with no kids and in the Air National Guard, 22 yrs old.
me 15 and no kids.


100% organic vegan hubbas
0. Fuck yeah. If ever I had one, they'd probably be dead.


NHL 11...you don't understand.
1 younger sister. She plays hockey just like her brother :) I'm proud of her.


Now with 100% more ∂ e e r™
1 older brother.Were both tech savy but we don't get along much :[. I'm pretty sure he knows about furries cause he goes on the Internet abunch. As for his opinion about furs.. Idk what it would be. He never mentions them. It wits ve interesting to have. Conversation bout furries with him I guess. He knows what anthropamorphic mean so thts a good start ^^


back'n up back'n up
2 bros and a sis.
I have 3 older half siblings with the same mother and 2 younger half siblings with the same father, I have not met the younger siblings.

I have 3 older stepsiblings on my stepdad's side and 2 older stepsiblings on my stepmom's side.

By all means I am kind of the youngest here.


is a Gunnery Sergeant now.
0. Fuck yeah. If ever I had one, they'd probably be dead.

they would be, that fact i havent gone postal is one mystery that will never be solved, it should be on Unsolved Mysteries. i miss that show, anyone know if its still on and what station?

Rai Toku

^///^;; Oops...
Youngest - My only sister. 8 Years old.
Next-to-youngest - Annoying brother who acts like an idiot almost all the time. 12 this August.
Younger - The only brother in the family I like, we're the only two in the family that consistently get along. 16 years old.
Me - Eighteen years old, and the quietest in the family. Been left at various gas stations five or six times in Texas (on trips to visit grandparents) from the age of 3~4 to 15. ¬.¬
Older - Think he's about 20, bit of a ladies' man, and a flat-out a-hole with swords in his room. Has had anger issues and threatened us younger kids, so it's anyone's guess why mom and dad put the swords in there.
Oldest - Think he's 22-ish now. Recently graduated Marine Basic Training. In his first rifle qualifications, scored higher than his instructor's highest record. Owes that to our dad having a gun collection and letting him have access to it. Decent guy now, but before he met the woman who ended up as his wife, was as much a pain as my other older brother, without the threats and weapons.

There you go.


New Member
I'm a single child; no siblings.
EDIT: Aside from my cat, whom I consider to be a sister of sorts. :3