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Number of siblings?

How many siblings do you have?

  • 0

    Votes: 9 11.3%
  • 1

    Votes: 28 35.0%
  • 2

    Votes: 18 22.5%
  • 3 or more

    Votes: 25 31.3%

  • Total voters


Now with more Writer's Block!
One (adopted) little bro. Though, if he keeps pulling the same stupid shit, I'll end up as an only child again, and with how much of an ass he's been, I can't say I'd miss him too much.

Arugh. I liked it better when I was an only child. Damn parents.


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They're both fat. Nobody likes fat chicks.

One has the same mom as me but a different dad.

i meant is she trying to kill you, i have a sis like that and she is scary. its why i have a dagger under my pillow. and yeah no one likes fatties.


is a Gunnery Sergeant now.
Haha sorry I am so spaced out I didn't catch that xD

i know that feeling, all the time, cept when i got drunk that one time. most concentrated ive ever been.
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F*ck you, that's my name
I have 5 sibling's all together. One older half-sister (same father, different mother) one older half-brother (same mother, different father) me, then my younger brother, next younger sister, and my little sister, the spoiled brat of the family.

It suck's being both the older and middle child at the same time! o_O


One half-brother (He'll be 8 next month), two half-sisters (One will be 6 next March, and the other will be 20 or 21 this December), and one step-sister (She'll be 14 next February).


well what is it?
I have two brothers and one sister, all younger than me. Not a real fan of then but then again I suppose the same is true for many people sowhateveritisn'treallyimportant.


Terminally Pulchritudinous
Youngest of three
I am 18
My brother is 22 (hate him)
My sister is 25 (love her)


Terminally Pulchritudinous


Lady of the lake
2 younger sisters, 12 and 16. and they are both freaking annoying in their own way >.>


Yeah, they're only half.
But I have a brother and sister.
Who are both super-old!
But yeah.
There they are.

My brother has a massive head, and Goldberg neck. He likes Kiss and wears cowboy boots.
My sister is a fat Wiccan.


Bit of an brady bunch here (although, the Adams family might be a better reference)

1 full brother
1 half-brother
2 step-brothers
2 step-sisters

And in an odd twist of fate, with the exception of my full brother, all of the boys share a common first name. And my sisters share a common first name with my mate.

Yeah, that's weird. Its also very convenient at dinner time.