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Obligatory intro


I figured I should probably post one of these.

Hi, forums. I'm one of those disgustingly fluffy dragons from that game series where only the 2nd and 3rd installment get any attention. I'm here to have fun and waste my time (and hopefully yours), because that's sort of what I do best.


New Member
Well of course, who would be on here for anything other than wasting time. According to my watch I have five seconds of my life le---

The 4th gate

---->Fierce Warrior
Hello! Ima supah hero! (jumps off 7 story building.) weeeeeeeeee! (Hits the ground and makes a crater) Aye! What just happened! (Looks at the crater) Bloody Hell! (head explodes) Engie:Well that's what you get!

Stargazer Bleu

2b forgot is worse than death
Hi there Marley. Welcome to FAF.

Dragons disgusting? I dont think so at all. Fluffy or not.
Dragons are just amazing and great looking. Maybe I think that cause I am one to tho, hmmm....

This place is perfect to waste time on. So you picked the right place for it.

Hope you have fun here.

*gives a welcome hug*


My gif animation doesn't work
I thought you were going to be one of these.