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Obscure and free/cheap games with furry protags/characters?


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I was wondering what lesser known games are available with furry characters in them for free/cheap? Either on Switch, Steam or mobile

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It maaaay or may not be that lesser known but... Spiritfarer?

Rimworld also counts, if you use mods. (considering there's a specific mod to add 'anthropomorphs' into the game)


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I am working on it alone, so it's not gonna be playable anytime soon.
I can't code, and is writing it in the kocho app.
They are putting out new updates every few months, the latest update added a translation option in its tool kit. Which got me excited for its potential.
Still looking for (eng) writer/ spellcheck.


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Blazing Beaks is a twin-stick shooter with birbs. Pretty fun and cheap on Switch.

Also, Earthlock has a pig/bunny hybrid as one of its playable characters for anthro fans, and a yellow dog for feral fans. It's a decent albeit kinda short RPG for Switch.


Also, depending on if there's a Steam sale or if they're already marked down in price, the Sonic series is filled with anthros.


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FYI, I heard the steam summer sale will start on the 24th. Something to consider if price is a factor for you (and you're willing to wait).