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Obscure Digimon Lovers


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I'm not sure this if this thread has been done before but, what are your favorite obscure Digimon and your reason for liking them? Any reason is fine.


For me, it's Ranamon (and her digivolved form, Calmaramon) because of how arrogant yet secured she was in her belief that she was beautiful. Plus humanlike Digimon are cool.


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Ah.. When looking up pictures for some of my faves, I realized there are a LOT of Digimon I didn't know about.
These are a few of my faves, I tried to pick the ones I felt were more obscure. Also love Elecmon and Drimogemon but they were in the original show / first game.





Edit: Oops, I failed to mention why I liked them! I just really like the designs, they look like they're tough sweethearts. There's a good amount of mystery about them, like the masks, or the straps. Strabimon digivolves into Lobomon, which seems like an angsty teenager growing into a mature adult. Bearmon is just adorable.


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I used to get up super early in the morning to watch Digimon when I was younger. Man, it makes me nostalgic looking back on it.

Don't know if this counts as obscure or not, but I loved the story arc where they went to the sky zone (?) in Digimon Fusion and fought Lucemon.

I also think I liked Sparrowmon, too.

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Not particularly obscure, but...

Dolphmon ;)