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OC Co-ownership?



I'm looking for folks that have in the past and/or currently co-own a character with somebody. What is your experience with it? How did you find someone to co-own with and how did you come to your decision?

Anyone can comment on this thread I guess, but I'm mostly looking for folks that have or currently co-own an OC. I'm thinking of designing a character and/or advertising a dusty OC to co-own with someone. Thanks!


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Well, I co-own an OC with an online friend of mine for a long time. I never have any issue with that because we share similar kinks. He’d ask me if he is unsure about me approve an idea for the commission involving her.

I never have any bad experience about co-own a character with somebody. I wouldn’t mind having another one as long as I share similar kinks. SFW stuff works ok, but I am an adult and I like adult stuff. Lol..


A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream
i mean...i've never done it,personally (almost did with a webcomic but for whatever reason that didn't get too far and the idea just died) but i have LOT'S of experience creating characters (it's honestly kind of a problem) and am open to the idea of co-owning one if you wanna talk turkey and get the details ironed out.


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I do co-own, and it's great because we buy art of the same character. As with anything, it involves good communication and respect for boundaries, and understanding the character's personality.