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Art Trade: OC Design Trade! Art for Art


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Hello out there! :)

I'm currently looking to fill out my OC cast for a crime/horror-based webcomic project of mine. So, I'm looking to trade for neat designs! If you want to trade OC-for-OC, we will both walk away with new characters to work with.

I'm looking for old-school mobster designs, specifically ones with some kind of monstrous and/or supernatural traits. These can be humans, or anthros/furries. If you provide the latter, I can easily come up with an accompanying human form for the character if I need to.

I can design a character to your liking in return, if you would like one. If you don't need an OC, I can easily just do a straight-up, SFW art piece of a character of yours or some other subject.

You'll find two examples of my design trade work on the other side of this link:
Scraps Gallery for Defective_Directives -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

And you'll find general examples of my work here:
Artwork Gallery for Defective_Directives -- Fur Affinity [dot] net