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Troll-Hunting Homosapien
You know, it would be grand to have a page to see all the OC's made, who they belong to, and what guidelines they have. Like Ask the author, creative commons, etc.

I'd love to know the guidelines firsthand, especially due to the heartaches I had in August 2019 (I'd explain, but, even though it's free speech, talking about that kind of thing is verboten by FA's harassment standards).


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
So basically a Wikipedia page with all the Furry OC information/permissions? I like the concept but it might be a bit much given how many members are actually in the community. Plus, you should be able to easily find an original post by the artist through a reverse image search or some basic detective work. Better yet, if you already know the artist they usually have some basic rules on their profile. If they don't - you can always ask them!