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[OC] Why do we fight?


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New User here. I write sci-fi short stories that I post on my site www.dinomyar.com and on r/HFY. I think a few of them might be of interest here and if encouraged, I will post links to them here too. This is one I think fits, scales not fur but I have seen others similar to it. I think of this one as a cross between Enemy Mine and Blue Lagoon. There is some implied sexual content, but should be SFW, at least nobody has said otherwise.



Humans and the Vaslisa have been fighting since humans entered the galactic scene over 300 earth years ago. Nobody knows how it started or by who, but the hatred between the two persisted. After a few major battles and a lot of lost lives, they made sure to leave each other alone and stay in their own space as they were evenly matched and a drawn out war would result in minimal gains and great loss. Any species that traded with both was smart enough to schedule them apart, and for over a hundred years things were peaceful even though no official peace treaty had been declared. But anytime the two species would run into each other, it usually resulted in an immediate fire fight breaking out, as neither trusted the other to not shoot first.