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Bug/Site Problem: Odd Site Glitch


New Member
I recently spoke with Dragoneer about this, but they were unable to help. Whenever I attempt to access FA proper, the page blanks out.

I can still click links on the page, though I cannot see them. However, this only occurs after the page fully loads. For example, I can see this if I go there now before it finishes loading.

This persists across all browsers on this computer, in all browsing modes, with all extensions disabled.


Have you tried a "Clean boot"?

If this is occuring, as you say, across ALL your installed browsers, it's more likely your machine than the website that is causing this.

Some programs may be conflicting with the browser process causing it to error out and result in this page.

I've pasted a link below to a tutorial for a clean boot, please give it a try and see if it works.


Also can you post your OS version and the versions/names of the browsers you use?