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Free Art: Offering 1 Full Colour Request


As the title says. I’m really wanting to do some commissions eventually, but I haven’t been around on FA in such a long time that It’s hard gaining any traction! As a way to hopefully bring some more people to my page and get some commissioned work, I’m wanting to offer one Full Colour request. Preferably NSFW but I can also do SFW too. Just looking for some interesting character designs/ideas to work with! :)

My page is below for some examples of my work.

Userpage of Sabstar -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


CDC predicts zombies...
I like your headshots as they are extremely colorful and vibrant. Lots of emotion.

I don't mind NSFW. Just wondering what you are looking for, maybe?

Then I saw the tats, and holy s***, I'm in. The Instagram is freaking awesome!


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Very vibrant works!

I love seeing me in NSFW!

Thanks very much 4 the offer!


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Excellent looking pieces you've done. I'll chuck Reynard in if you want to practice on him, NSFW is fine for this fox :)



(Using this image by Streetdragon95 merely as a reference)
Your art style is quite impressive! Could you, perhaps, try a Spirit Guardian with a red scarf? The Style and everything else is completely up to you)



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Heya I tried my best to draw this guy myself in an app awhile ago and lately. I've been really wanting to get a better drawn version of him lately. So once I saw this I thought "why not give it a try?" and here I am feel free to add nsfw details and change things up slightly if you need to. But I've put the colors I used in the center they don't have to be exact either but I hope what I've drawn is enough for you to do what you need


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