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Free Art: Offering a Free Icon!


I’m trying to get my FA page a little more active as I’ve come back after a long break away. It’d be nice to refresh my gallery and gain some interest, so I’m offering a free icon out for fun! I may do a couple of these if I have the free time. These will be 700x700 full colour plus a scaled down version for FA use.
You’re not guaranteed to get somethi ng but if I’d like to draw the character I’ll make a selection and get to work!

Show me some refs! ✨


nazi hunter
If you wanna do something a tad unconventional, you can always try my sergal :)



Hey there!
Would you like to do an icon of my boy Leo?
Thanks so much, your art looks amazing!

Jackpot Raccuki

Although half canine, is not a wolf.
"700x700" Damn, I usually do 800x800 for my icons, nontheless even if I don't get it I'd be happy to look into getting a commission down the line ^^

Either way go wild, Dice hat can be both a tophat and cap.


uh I can explain?
I just made a new main sona so I need some art!


Honey-most badger
I don't really have any reference here besides feminine female honey badger. I'm new and would love to have something of a little cute honey badger. I don't see many and trying to add some ideas. I would super appreciate.


Miss Fluffy Bottom
Unsure if this is still open but I would like to enter please. Thank you for the chance c:
Jody on Toyhouse

Regardless; you artwork is fantastic, it flows and emoted really well