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Free Art: Offering Art Edits (Special effects, etc.)


8 foot fluffbutt
Hey there. I’m fairly new at drawing, but I started doing some edits on art that was given to me. I’m thinking of doing other special effects and things.

Here’s some examples.
My first sona art, (Drawn by APTP): ibb.co: Tyrro
And with my own touch I got this: ibb.co: Vexor

This here’s now just a simple edit from an amazing artist Teacozy1
ibb.co: ??? #2
And I just turned his head around.
ibb.co: CEAB3927-00-AF-4099-96-EF-B263-B8-B5-F987

Please put your character art that you want edited, and a description or reference to what you want changed or added.
Also able to try adding magic effects.
ibb.co: Vexor
Turns into this:
ibb.co: Vexor
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heheheh- *snort* heh- *snort*
uhm yes, heyo o/ I've had a small idea for a while, dunno if you might be up to help me out with it, unless it'd be a bit too complex to pull off

1. can you make the white front marking stop by the belly area? like, make the belly gray like the rest of his skin so the marking looks more like an open vest as originally intended :3
2. can you tweak his legs' shape to look a bit more plantigrade? or at least not so oddly shaped, haha :v you don't need to tweak the feet, just the legs
thanks for the chance :)


I'd love for you to try my neglected fursona Tara! I'm not too sure what could be changed about her, but I'd like her to be more interesting!
78b73971-6a42-49bd-9fda-522d99cd3d71 (3).png
Thanks so much!