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(Commission) Selling: Offering cheap half/fullbodies! ($15-$30)


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What the title says! I haven't drawn furry characters in quite a while and would like to brush up my skills before opening up proper commissions, so I'm offering some cheap commissions before getting fully on track. You'll receive a lined, flat-colored piece with a simple background consisting of color patterns of your choice.

A half body will be priced at $15, and a full body at $25, with an extra $5 if you want simple cell-shading added! PM me or send me a note on my FurAffinity!

Furry characters are preferred, as that's what I am aiming to practice, but I won't shy away from others either. However, I do not have much experience in drawing robots or mechanical designs, so those and very detailed designs I might have to take a bit of creative freedom on.

(Note: I will be leaving for a vacation soon and will be away from my computer after this Thursday for a week or so. I can still get started with traditional sketches, but the final piece will have to wait for a bit!)

As I haven't done furry art in quite a while, I do not have any examples of that, but here are a couple examples to give you an idea of my art style:


Thanks for checking my thread out! o/
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