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Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07


Roll Fizzlebeef
Thank you! And I like it when people are nitpicky, it can only make me better! As long as they are polite about it like you are :)

M. LeRenard

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Aha... that looks loads better. Guess I'll apply those changes.
You know... I wasn't exactly sure about the number of toes; the pictures I found were a little ambiguous. But that overview shot makes it clear enough. At least that one's easy to fix.
Well thanks! I'm glad I came to you.


Roll Fizzlebeef
Ello! If your still doing red lines, could you look at this piece? More stuff from the DtPAY thread. I feel like the pose is off somehow, and I'm not quite sure in what way. Thanks!



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I need help on anatomy and pose. If you don't mind, could you help redline this:

Thanks in advance Blotch!


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RE: Offering Redlines

blotch said:
RokKaiser said:
One thing that i should have specified earlier are the back muscles, they are by far my weakest point, i have no idea where to start o_O

Thanks so much for the imput ^^


Since you asked about backs, here you go!
Attached is a quick diagram illustrating my words...

Reference is always key. http://www.corbis.com or http://www.gettyimages.com are two great sources to find reference photos for backs. I searched for "man back" on corbis and in two pages found a photo that matched your pose pretty closely.

There are three major areas that you should focus on when drawing backs: The Spine, the Scapula, and the Deltoids.

The spine is critical because it basically shows the flow of the entire body. The line of the spine should never be "straight" as natural spines have a curve.
Scapula are important (and probably the most difficult) because the shift a whole lot depending on what position the spine and shoulders are in. They are also nearly always visible under cloth (unless its a heavy jacket, and then even if the material is stretched) and really help to give a backward facing character a feeling of depth and 3D substance. Also, no matter how obese, fit or muscular your character is, you will still be able to see the line (or indent if your character is very overweight) of the scapula. Reference photos of naked backs are very easy to come across in most every position possible if you're ever having trouble visualizing how a scapula would be posed. Just remember they are unattached by a joint so they do move a whole lot! Roll your shoulders to get a good feel for 'em!
Deltoids are the muscles that attach the arm to the shoulder, and move depending on what direction the arm is going. For deltoids, you can be your own best reference if you have a mirror. You can rotate your arm and see how the muscle moves up and down, bulge or recess depending on how you hold your arm.

If you can get these three parts working for you, backs are much easier to put to paper!

Hope it was useful!
this is great cant wait till part 2 come


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When I did this pose a while back, I had trouble getting it the way it should be.


Thanks in advance.
RE: Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 3/18/07

cataract_orange said:
I'm having trouble with the abs with this picture and I was wondering if you could help define them. Also, I always seem to have trouble with the hand paws and the overall shape of the face so I was wondering if you can help me with those as well.


Even though this is an old picture and I've probably already trashed it, I was wondering if I could still get a redline for this?


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Heey blotch

first off i want to say that it is really cool that yu r helpin out others and making the world a bit better heheh and your art work is really good !!!

can you redline one of my drawings .. i just started drawing bodies and i think they dont look natural positioned..

thank you !