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Request: Official Fursona!

Blue Moon the Folf

Tsukuyomi Yuichi
Hello everyone!! I have my official Sona finally figured out. She's a Worgen (pretty much a Werewolf), and I'm wondering if someone wants to draw her, in both human and wolf form. I'll leave the description down below ^^ (You can put the two side by side, back to back, or do them separately)

In her Worgen form, she has a reddish brown coat with a light grey underbelly that stops at her chin, and the end of her inner thighs, sharp, dark blue eyes, a muscular body with an EE cup bust, and black hair kept in a high bun, with the extra braided and goes past her collarbone, resting on her bust, and is 8 feet tall. In her human form, she has her hair loose, a smaller D cup bust, and retains her sharp dark blue eyes. She is also 6 feet tall, and is of a pale skin color. She normally wears a black leather tunic cut before her belly starts, with purple fur lining the open midriff, which shows natural cleavage. On the bottom portion, she has a skirt coming down to above the knees and looks like apron of sorts, crafted thicker on the sides with two pieces of leather made to protect the thighs. The leather pieces are lined with white fur. She also has a belt on to hold her dagger.
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