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Official Fursuit Help Thread (For those looking to make or looking to buy)


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can someone point me in the right direction for making articulated hands (That move as mine do) preferably more of a human style (looking for more of a slenderman style outfit than a fursuit -- just figured here would be the best place to ask!)


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Im not sure about articulated, but i can tell you how to make regular paws? The way i did mine was by getting a sheet of light cardboard, place your hand and arm on it and draw around it giving at least an inch of space between your actual arm/hand, make sure to spread out your fingers as much as possible! Cut out the shape from the cardboard and place it on your fur. Draw with chalk around the cut-out, then flip the cut out over and draw around it again next to the first side. This is so that you will have a top and bottom half of your paw. Do this again, left and right. Cut the fur along the lines you drew and figure out which hand is which. When you've done that, you can move onto sewing the fur together. Remember!! Keep the side you want facing out when you're done, inside while you sew. Doing this hides the stitches when you are done, all you have to do is pull the finished work inside out and you wont have to worry about stitches showing. Helpful hint: When at the fingers, add more stitches, you dont realize how much you move your fingers until the stitches start to give.

I only know the basics of making paws, so if anyone else knows more, please add!

In the meantime, can someone answer my question??? I've just made my wings and have no idea how to attach them, and what to attach them to? They are stuffed and made of fur, and i have a partial suit, i'd rather not have to resort to straps...


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has tried a material called "Model Magic" on a fursuit? It can be found at most Hobby Lobby's and dries to a light foam texture (though im not sure that is what it is made of). I've looked everywhere I can think of and haven't read any pro's or con's about using it. It's nontoxic and can be sanded and painted easily. I want to know if anyone who has used or heard of it would recomend using or not using it for some of the more detailed parts of a fursuit since it can be molded like clay.


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Hello! I'm just going to drop in and leave a question.
I'm looking for a tutorial for wings, not articulated, but just hanging wings like on a moth or something. Does anybody know what sort of material I should use for moth wings or if I should or shouldn't use wires or a foam base?
Thanks in advance <3


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How would one install a detachable monocle onto there fursuit head? I thought it best to place magnets above the brow and below the eye of the fursuit head. I want it to be detachable of course.


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How would one install a detachable monocle onto there fursuit head? I thought it best to place magnets above the brow and below the eye of the fursuit head. I want it to be detachable of course.

I beleive you have already figured out the best way. I'd put strong magnets under the fur of the eyebrow(s), and make sure the monocle you plan to use is made of a magnetic metal. Then, voila. <: If it's a head that has already been furred, then hot glue some magnets inside the head along the rim of your eye.


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I was gonna make a new Forum Post. But saw this post instead. Idk if I can ask here or not. But figured I give it a shot anyways before making a forum post.

Do you or anyone know of anybody that is open and taking commissions for hand paws? I need a new pair. 5 Fingered. Just white Paws with purple pads. No Claws. $30 is my range. Though I can go up $5 more if need to be.

The pair I have now or so badly off white to my armsleeves and the fur is alot longer XP Not only that abit singed when my sister handed me a sparkler not giving me a chance to take off my gloves. :/ I've been searching for a few months now with no luck.

Any help is much appreciated!


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I'm looking to have a fur suit made for my Fursona Flash Hound (shown on avatar), but I don't want to spend more than $2,000. Anyone have an idea on who'll be the right fur suit maker to commission? I want the fur suit to be digitigrade so it would make a good impression on my friends. I might get a partial if the arm sleeves can cover my arms. As for a DTD, that's considerable but I'll provide measurements first.
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this is kind of an awkward question, but does anyone know of makers or just anyone in general who will JUST fur for me? i have a head but for some reason i am no good at the furring process. :/ please help!


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I have a question.

So, I have a bunny fursona and we're planning to make a suit. But we can't start until we have dimensions and measurements for her head. We're going to make a balaclava and such. So like.. what shape should the jaw, cheeks, etc be? Inch measurements? Stuff like that.

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How hard would it be to make this character. I only want a partial and I only have the money to make it myself. The biggest issue is I have no good reference for making the gummy worm parts and i’m not good at sewing.


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I'm having a bit of trouble with this head: sta.sh: 20190226 004909
it's my first suit I've tried to make and there's a few issues I'm having at the moment, primarily that I feel I've gotten the sizing wrong. Even though there's a breathing hole to the mouth, my nose is still pressed down so I can hardly breathe. I'm not sure if this means I need to carve more of a space for it or add padding to the inside of the top of the head so my nose will sit lower inside. Any suggestions?: sta.sh: 20190228 190111
sta.sh: 20190228 190121


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Could the main post be updated? Many of the tutorial links are broken or defunct.
OP hasn't been online in seven years, friend. You might have to look for tutorials elsewhere.


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*Re posting and now maintaining with Skift's okay.*

After noticing some of the same questions being asked over and over here, I decided to make this little reference thread for those wishing to build or purchase a suit.

So here are the subjects often covered:
Fursuit Makers
(If you want yourself up there as a maker you need to have examples first, the link to the site needs to have examples of your work. Otherwise it is not being put up.)
Furry Auction sites (To buy or sell furry related things.)
Review and Beware sites.

Furry Auction sites:
The Dealer's Den

Tutorials/general help:
Basically your need-to-see fursuit making guide.

Fursuit Assist (DA Fursuit Tutorial group)
Fursuit Auctions (Lj Comunity)
Honest Fursuit Critique (Lj Community)
Fursuit LJ community
Fursuit making Wiki
Matrices's tutorials here.

(Fur in the U.S.A.)

Blue Moon Fabrics
CR's Crafts
Fabric Empire (Shag is the same as DF)
Cali Fabrics
Carol's Zoo
Denver Fabrics
Distinctive Fabrics
Fabric Depot (do a search on "fur")
Fake Faux Fur Fabric
Faux Paw Furs
Im Stuffed Fur
InteriorMall Faux Fur (search for "PROMO SHAG")
Minky Furs (Shag is same as DF)
Monterey Mills
NFT Fur (has 4-way stretch, very expensive!)
Photo Prop Floors & Backdrop Faux Fur
Plush Furs
Premium Fur
Shannon Fabrics
SyFabrics (do search on "fur", or "shaggy" its the same as DF)
The Theatre House (search for FUR)
USAKnit (reseller of Monterey Mills)
Vogue Fabrics
White Wolf's sells Fur

MacDonald Faber-Canada
Wexler Textiles-Canada

All Textiles - UK
Cowper & Tordoff - UK
CraftFabrics by JohnPaul UK
FauxThrow UK
Mandor's - UK
MohairBearMaking Supplies - UK
Peacock Fibres - UK
QuickFabrics UK
The Fabric Place UK

Can you tell me where are the fur for Malaysia?

I'm a furry from Malaysia.

Karin Danielle Fontnow

Can you direct me to where I can find help for patterning issues? I'm trying to cut my leg pattern to lay flat but are like the back of the knee want to overlap.


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Really, the only craft stores I have nearby are Joanne’s Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. However, Hobby Lobby doesn’t sell faux fur in the color/density that I need, and I’m pretty sure Joanne’s doesn’t sell faux fur. Would it be okay if I just used a fabric other than faux fur, or should I keep searching?
(In case you have a recommendation for where I should shop, I’m looking for a light brown fabric with short, soft fur.)