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Important: Official Newcomer's Guide - Let's make something better!


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The age of the FAF roughhouse days are over; a part of me laments I missed out on the tussle.
All things considered, the old post is an interesting time capsule.

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The age of the FAF roughhouse days are over; a part of me laments I missed out on the tussle.
All things considered, the old post is an interesting time capsule.
Sometimes I miss being able to actually vent here.
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I'm back to the forums after a few months and glad to see that thread unstickied. It made me feel like I was walking into a den of insensitive jerks.


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One thing I've noticed. We might suggest that people under 18 not post their age publicly. I'm not saying that there's... who am I kidding? Let's face it, there's some darn scary people in the fandom, not a lot, but enough that the Grandma in me worries.


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I hope me mentioning the guide didn't come across as condoning it. :( I didn't like the old one, but I'm new enough I didn't think it was my place to ask for a replacement. I try really hard to help people feel welcome.

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i joined a while ago and left (unintentionally, i just forgot to log back in) and just recently came back. i’ve never seen that thread but just read it all. if i saw that coming back i probably wouldn’t have joined! i was reading that with a bad expression the whole time. glad to see it go. the furry community gets a bad rep as it is, why make it seem like we’re all jerks? i think a make-over is due :]
my suggestion is don’t have it be ridiculously long! the old post had me eye rolling by the fifth bullet. i think a short, simple guide is best


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Huge props for tossing the old one. if I read that as I was coming in, I would've noped right out. Like, c'mon. 84 rules?? :confused:


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This thread's kinda old but I have to say I'm glad we're getting rid of that thread. I actually almost left the forums when I first read it because it was so hostile and I thought people were gonna attack me for naming myself after my fursona at the time (old account). It's probably doing more harm than good.


That old thread looked like it was made by someone who's is moderating the tf2 steam group. Reason i say thus because i saw a mod post something like that.


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Admittedly life did get a bit busy in the past but I'd still like to take the time and make a new better one.

I think it might just be a good idea to just look for suggestions to say here and just slowly build it up in the OP of this thread.
There was a group working together through PMs but it is hard to see where we are on that. I could also like make a Telegram group to discuss it as well.
Whichever seems to be the best way to communicate easier.


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That old thread was stickied for 9 years? :eek: I honestly wouldn't have just joined if I hadn't opened this one first.
I was expecting a guide for people like me and find spots for "...stuff and things here!". Lmao