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I have noticed an up tick in memes about donald trump being posted outside of the politics section. I'm worried that this heralds a return to the conditions before the 2016 election, and the seepage of thread topics about donald trump out of the politics section and back into the general sections of the forum.

How do we make our community robust to the influence of posters making political statements about candidates in the 2020 election in surreptitious ways, so that they can promote or deride political candidates while avoiding the tighter guidelines that posting in the politics section would require?

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There already is a non official app that works fairly well. It's on the play store.

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Perhaps they could implement an expiration date for threads, like 30 days after last reply like on the dA forums. My necromaster days are gone but old threads can still be tempting from time to time

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Suggestion, be able to be notified when someone you watch's birthday is coming up if they list the day. It's a good excuse to get in touch on the day. Plus it'll make them feel nice to be remembered, yes?

I see you have a point, but there's a followed con with that.

One will feel bad when they aren't greeted, and provided there is even a notification system about such days.

It shall make people come up with overexposure issues. I know this can be somewhat lame, but maybe...

If one is considerate enough, they will be able to keep someone's day in mind and there won't be a problem to let them take a visit. I just don't wanna see another Twitter...

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How about adding reply systems?

Quoting system is awesome, I like it when people do use previous comment(s) as reference(s). However, most of the time, what I see is replying.

I'm never against replying, nor do I want the rules to force people quit replying or anything. But you know, replying with quoting system takes so much space, especially when the reply chain goes very long and almost changes the tides against the initial theme of the thread. What's more, it often makes viewers harder to seek what they're here for.

To conclude, how about creating the reply system like Reddit, you can open and close them like spoilers when you wanna see the replies of certain comments or just wanna view the thread itself. Distinguish it with quoting function and make both buttons for the posts.

How's it sound?

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The developer probably never made an app for iPhone. It's pretty decent if you use Android though.

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So, perhaps this has been addressed before, but why is it easier to report a post than like a post? Report is right under the body of the text - like and reply are way over to the right. I've liked an replied to a lot of posts, I've reported exactly 1.


Not that I'm a fan of changing UI's that have been used forever, but it would seem these should be switched.


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I think a mass watch feature would be helpful for when someone moves accounts.
For example, I’m watching over 700 users and I want to move accounts but I really don’t want to have to go and watch all the people I was watching on my last account.
A way to watch a lot of users at once while not having to go to each and every persons page to watch them would be nice and would make moving accounts a much faster process. I would imagine that people might try to use this with bots to reduce server performance so putting a captcha before it would make it less likely for people to do this.
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Not sure if these are looked at, but for the love of all that is holy, please add a kobold tag to mythical tag list XD You have a whole slew of mythical creatures listed, even argonians, but there doesn't seem to be a kobold tag.


what about having the ability to make our entire profile/account private like on twitter and instagram? not just private to guests? this would be such a wonderful feature!
same with blocking someone should result in that person being unable to view our profiles and vice versa. Guys please consider this.

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Tag blacklists like e621 has.
I did a search to see if this was a thing, already, and the most recent post I found was back on Mar 12, 2011

As others have already said, there is no option to rearrange the order of the submissions in your gallery. But it will be implemented with the coming of the gallery folders feature.

We have galleries, but no rearrange function. Now, it's very possible that I missed mention of it somewhere because of what I searched for, but still...

I'm doing a month-long challenge and would like to be able to keep the entries in order. However, I missed a few days due to being sick so I either have to hold onto the later ones until I get the back-log finished, or just have them in a wonky order.


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Regarding the new site layout - how about a possibility to customize the UI a little? Like, I for example absolutely hate the circle avatar frames, I like my squares xD
I would like costimization kinda like how deviantart had when it wasn’t eclipse.
Another idea that I hope comes would be groups! That’s a popular thing kinda like deviantart as well. But FA groups profile was a popular thing back in the day and it would be nice to have a proper group system on furaffinity!
Also being able to blacklist tags of sorts because as somone you sees NSFW all the time there are certain NSFW things I wouldn’t like to see more then others
Thats all of the ideas I could think of that would be great!


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the new theme is distracting for me, but another forums uses xenforo and has multiple different themes in the preferences section so i think it should be possible to have both themes, as well as an official night/day theme variant of each


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Nightmode has been wished for multiple times, it hasn't happened yet, i know it's been mooted by the higherups but yeah just either wait a long time or make your own.
Same goes for mainsite