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Oh Canada, you and your placements of Prairie Land Cities


The Creationist of Monsters
If there has to be one huge and major thing I dislike about Canada, is how ISOLATE some of its cities are. I'm a Winnipeger, and we are oh so very isolate from any other city, it quite literally takes 20h+ just to get to Toronto, or it takes a good six hours to get to Regina. If any Canadian knows, that's a pretty long time, and you'd be better off to traveling to the U.S. The major thing that sucks about it though, and especially when it comes to conventions, is of how far away they are, and how limited they are in your own country. We only have seven, and most of them are located in either Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and B.C. It's insane of how far away they are, and it's pretty difficult to find some close by in the U.S.

What did surprise me however this year, is when I heard of the newer FurCons called "Furry Migration" and I have to say I've never felt more thrilled!! It takes only 8 hours just to get here from Winnipeg and is remarkably a much shorter distance time rather than AnthroCon or BLFC (Even though it is disappointing that I'll probably never be able to go to them.)

I might actually get the chance to go to FM in a few years : D

What are your guys opinions on this? Any other Winnipeg Furries here agree the same issue? Or any other outlanders feel the same way?


Flying should be a cheaper and more viable option soon and with those driving distances probably technically
cheaper now. A 20+ journey is no joke. From Thunder Bay -> college -> Tennessee


The Creationist of Monsters
Oh my gosh no bloody kidding. Plane tickets though are so stupid expensive, like, seriously? $400 dollars for a two-three hour ride? That's just a load of bull. If plane tickets were cheap, I would be taking them EVERYWHERE for the means of travel.

Personally though I like to travel by car because it provides quick, easy, and personal transport when you are traveling in an unfamiliar city, and you can carry everything you need in there as well.


The Creationist of Monsters
Yeah it does suck, but reasons why we are so close to the border is that A) It's too cold up there to sustain proper cities like Edmonton or Toronto, and B) A lot of them are reserves for first nations and safe-havens for Eco-systems. Canada may be the second largest country in the world, but hardly any of the space is being used cause the lot of it is uninhabitable or non-sustainable for city life.