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Oh hay, it's Vae.


resident spaceship
Name: Vaelarsa
Age: 22
Sex: female
Species: cat-bat hybrid
Height: moderate
Weight: thin with curves

- Hair and fur: [see picture below]
- Markings: [see picture below]
- Eye color: [see picture below]
- Other features: [see picture below]

Behavior and Personality: harsh, blunt, masculine but likes pretty things, sarcastic, sadistic, likes to spend time alone drawing, writing, or relaxing

Skills: drawing, writing, flying, climbing, logic, independent thinker

Weaknesses: paranoia, bipolar disorder, lazy, gives up too easily, can’t keep her assholish tendencies to herself

Likes: nature, pretty things, old school video games, electronic music, goth music and fashion, sadistic shit and gore, cursing, glowy things, cyberpunk, sci-fi, the sky, swimming, the taste of meat, power

Dislikes: whiners, morons, whores, emos / scene kids, mallgoths, PETA-tards, insecurity, shitty excuses, Myspace angle photos

History: [insert my life history here, but with anthros; mother = bat, father = cat (if you were curious)]

Clothing/Personal Style: tradgothy, dressy, casual stuff, hippyish, basic black clothes


Goal: doesn’t have one
Profession: doesn’t have one
Personal quote: “If you can’t solve it with violence, it isn’t worth solving.”
Theme song: probably something from LifeForce or The Guardian Legend
Birthdate: May 1987
Star sign: Taurus

Favorite food: steak, seafood, mushrooms
Favorite drink: French vanilla cappuccino
Favorite location: anywhere with nice weather, calm, and really pretty
Favorite weather: calm, sunny, slightly breezy, and between 70 – 85 F
Favorite color: blue

Least liked food: avocado, deviled eggs, and anything “pasta” without marinara sauce
Least liked drink: cranberry juice or “health” fruit water
Least liked location: in a traffic jam
Least liked weather: severe with tornado or hurricane warnings

Favorite person: my fiance
Least liked person: my fiance’s whore of an ex
Friends: same as my RL ones
Relations: fiancé, mother, father, etc… (same as RL)
Enemies: my fiance’s whore of an ex, and one of my exes
Significant other: my fiance
Orientation: hetero