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Oh hi there~


May I please hug you?

Hey there. ;3

I'm Valerius. I'm a kitsune that loves to hug people. I also like roleplaying. And vidja games. Did I mention I like hugging people?

I look forward to seeing many lovely fluffy people here. <3
Well damn if that is not the most adorable intro I have ever seen T.T MUST RESIST, URGE TO HUG!

Anywho welcome to the forums most adorable of peeps


Catless Cat Lady
Omagaad I know this thread is a week old, but I'll find you where ever you are and marry you...

....Oh and welcome to the forums I guess o3o


First might i saw- Daww :3
Secondly, welcome to the forums! ^-^


New Member
Hello :) I am new as well. Pleased to meet cha. Hope to see you around on the forums! I'm always up for a chat.


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