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Oh my lord, I have arrived, its cold out there!


Yes, I'm all new and stuff, I'm new to here, I'm new to Furryness, I'm new to forums even!
Lets see, I'm 21, male, live on the south cost of england with my dog, I like cloaths allot, I'm also one of those homosexual types, better get that out of the way so theres no confusion!
I don't realy know what else to say realy, any questions, I'll answer the as best I can!


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First thing to remember is that the fandom should always be treated as a hobby, and as long as you're not a Prez Hilton you should do fine.

Welcome and enjoy. I say hit up the Den first.


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Ohhhh a person from ENGLAND!


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Right, then. It's in the upper 90s in Kansas. Lucky. welcome aboard.


Yeah, It's all a bit of fun for me realy, thanks for the advice. Ah, good old Prez, what a silly man he is!
Also, yes, I'm from England! And you'r from Berlin, I realy want to go there soon, the night life there sounds amazing!


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Hey cool, someone from England. c: We need more European furs around here.

Welcome to the forum!


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Another Brit, awesome ;)

I'm from East Devon myself, what's Brighton like?


Brightons good, I just moved back here after being away for ever, Chilled out in the day, Parties everywhere at night, I'm a bit of a club kid so its perfect for me realy! I assume theres more of us on here? I only know one other furry in England, and she's kind of a phsycopath, but yeah, that kind of put me off the whole thing for a while, I hope ther arnt as many phsyco's in the furry world as I am led to belive. I forgot how scary going into a new comunity on you'r own is!


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May be cold there but its still getting over 110 degrees here T.T
welcome to the forums btw :p


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wow, how can you cope with that heat? I like the cold!

Usually by taking refuge at our favorite local bar. *Hmmmm makes note to move secret laboratory*

Welcome to FAF!

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I remember my time in England very short because the military needed me.

Welcome to the forums anyways enjoy your stay.