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Oh! Uhm! Hello, I guess I'm new here, too.


Paragon of the Flawed
A-as if that weren't obvious by the dozens of other threads for the same introductory purpose...! hah...

Okay. So. Uh. Hello!
You, uh, can see my Username, Half - My actual name is Ryan, though I don't mind Robin either. Y-you could still just call me Half, that's fine too - I, uhm. Like that one.

... This will be easier as a list, I think.

- I'm an artist (such as my profile image) and writer, and am getting into music writing.
- Avid gamer, I've grown to like RPGs and Rogue-Likes in particular.
- I write the way I think, so, uhm, I apologize for the... general awkwardness of my phrasing.
- I'm male, if you, uh, didn't already guess. Though it's hardly something of relevance to me, I don't much act like one...
- I'm Demisexual Aromantic, I think. That stuffs... confusing. But it's a Variant of Asexual, at least, which is close.
- I enjoy philosophy and deep thought. (God, that sounds pretentious...!) But I like considering these things for my writing.
- I quite like learning Personality types and learning people in General!
- My Myers-Briggs type is INFP (Introvert iNtuitive Feeling Prospecting)
- I go by Half_Intelligent and IAmNotSmartest elsewhere. (If you've heard of me... that's remarkably coincidental!)
- I was drawn to the fandom by the impressive variety of media and inspiring creation it centers around! I hope to one day contribute a bit of my own!
- I've, uh, been a bit hesitant stepping in, but I've had a friendly reception thus far. So thanks for that!

If I were to use three terms to describe me, well, I suppose they'd be "Thoughtful", "My own worst critic" and "Friendly Giant," all of which were things people say of me. They're true, though. I'm well over 6' tall.