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Hiii! So um, I've kinda been a closet-fur for a long while now. I mean, I've been a furry since like 1995? or something? but just haven't really been active in the community or anything. I thought I'd poke my head out and say hi to other furs out there. Hi!

I've had pretty-much the same fursona for forever, haha. She's kind of a, er.... shapeshifting magical fox girl? Yeah, yeah, I know, probably silly, but if it hasn't changed since the 90's it ain't gonna change anytime soon, lol. (Wow I feel old now. Sadface!)

Anyways, hiii! Nice to meet you lovely folks. Looking forward to hangin' out. <3


Worshiper of Monster
Welcome to the forum, darlin'.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

Tezzy Fur

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Hey Rainbo, glad to have you here. Wow, It's so cool you've had your fursona for such a long time, she be an awesome character. Ive only just found the forum a week ago. Everyone here has been super friendly and there are always new people joining. Hey, never say you feel old, i'm in my early thirties and i've literally only just found the fandom. Welcome aboard.

Tezzy Fur (furry hug)


Hello and welcome, lots of friendly people here. I only recently joined the fandom in December, made a friend here on the forms and started going to furmeets. I use to worry about joining this fandom now but in this fandom age doesn't matter at all. If you are a good person this fandom will accept you as who you are.