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Ohiyo everyone!


yevrsyameru artist
I'm kinda new here and just wanted to say hi.
I'm wihhdalp and as a person behind the artist nickname - yevrs yameru. 20 yo from Russia.
Been drawing for 4 years now and still don't really know am I good or not in it since I never got any high attention anywhere. Basically my style formed by random impressions (Final Fantasy IX, Opus by satoshi kon, petscop and etc) and often changes because of my own desires to repeat something or reach a new level. I'll be glad to hear anything from you about my works!
Around here or on Fur Affinity I wanted to do some extra specials and only for this site / mostly lewd yches and commissions.
If you got any questions - go ahead!
sooo.... Ohiyo everyone!



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Welcome! Whatever your interests are, I’m guessing you can find somebody who shares them! Maybe you’ll make friends here!


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Hello from across The Pacific, and technically, The Atlantic also!

Your Art Style is definitely inspired by Anime and FF, as you pointed out, and reminds me of features like CORALINE, with the colored paper / stained glass look! I think Art Deco is the style type!

Similar to the PAULS, CEZANNE and GAUGUIN!

With the pic above, I was gonna remark on the white lines by the mouth, but the full pic shows its fluid and not skin tone, and no nose is, again, an Anime feature, but what I'm not sure of is that band sticking out between the ears!

It looks like a ribbon to me, or it could be hair, but it really looks odd and out of place!

Also, in some other pics of yours, I notice solid dark color splotches mixed in with shaded or lined textures, and unless it was lighter white or yellow indicating light, then that feature distracts from the overall image!

Those are the main features I'd want worked on, and I hope you'll continue making your art and getting better!