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OK Prices???


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Tried to post this in Tutorials + Critiques but it probably wasn't the right board for this.
I'm looking to get some insight on appropriate prices for my skill level on digital art. Any and all input is appreciated!! Attached is my current commission sheet :3

Edit: Sheet contained a NSFW art piece (nudity) so I removed it. I'm still open to critique and advice regardless! <3
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The range of prices look reasonable to me, but one thing I notice is that the examples you give for each price option are very open-ended: is any sketch $5, regardless of complexity? Lots of artists make a distinction based on how much of the character is drawn (a head shot vs a full body) and whether or not the commissioner wants a background and accessories.

One common piece of advice is to price your art based on how much work you're doing (which is quantifiable), not how "good" your art is (which is mostly subjective). If a full-colour drawing takes you 5 hours, and you're aiming for $10 an hour, then $50 is great! I charge way less than minimum wage for my work because I'm insecure, and I'm starting to wish I followed that advice from the beginning.

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The only advice I have is charge what you think your time is worth. If people like you, they'll pay it. Charge too little and folks will value accordingly. I've seen art I wouldn't do for <$200 sell for $20. This, in turn, makes folks think that the art is worth $20 and drives this idea that art is cheap and artists aren't valuable. Which screws over the artists who charge what their time is actually worth. Clients from hell, a website that aggregates bad clients stories, is full of stories showing the fallout from this.

To give you some context, tattoo artists tend to run $100/hour and up. Machine shops often charge $200/hour for labor ($150-200 is a salaried employees actual per-hour cost, generally speaking). Freelance consultants, lawyers, etc. usually start at $200 and the sky's the limit. Why the hell do so many furry artists charge $5/hour or less? Even fursuit makers, though that definitely translates to "you get what you pay for."