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Okay, honestly


Yeah, I would, because I spent more time on the forums than the main site in the first place.


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What he said. I spend very little time on the mainsite in fact. So little, the last time I logged into my user page was after I created it to verify the password.


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Would you be here on the boards, if FA wasn't down?

as for me? meh....off and on I suppose.

eh, i mostly spend my time on the main site. i come here maybe on occasion


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Most of my time is on the forums. I'm not too much of a furry and I'm not too into pronz, so I just check the main site for messages and stuff. I post poetry and music on there, comment on other musicians and poets. The forums are highly entertaining however.

For many reasons...


(OMG 600 posts!!! um... yeah)


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No. It might be the same once FA comes back up... But I am already in my pajamas...


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Probably mostly on the main site and not as much on the Forums. Only come here when there's nothing else to do on the internets..


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Nope. I made my account for something to do while FA is down. Maybe when it's back up I might come back. But probably not.


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xD I come here for shits and giggles... I'm on teh mainsite like... everyday. ^^; Well, I was...


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Yes, I would. I've always lurked around the forums far more than I do on the main site.


Eh. On and off as well.
I mostly lurker before this. :'x


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I spend about equal time here and there, but when short on time I gave the main site more love. Will still act the same once it's back up, for sure.


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Wait, this isn't FA?
Seriously now, just as above, I barely visit the main site anyway.


Yes, I would. The main reason for joining the forums was to get some opinions on different sewn things I could sell, like plushies and fursuit parts. And I suppose I just kind of got sucked in =D

By the way, I actually joined AFTER the server went down, so I've never really been on the main site. So I'm not just one of those people who come to the forum seeking a distraction while FA is down =3

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Admittedly I got sick of the forums a couple months back and stopped paying attention to them, so I wanted to see what they broke this time and ended up sticking around anyway because the moron population became hilariously sad rather than just sad.

I missed you guys, honest! D:


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Also one that joined the forums before they were cool. [read: before mainsite went down]. If I had to estimate, before the downtime I'd say i used about 75% mainsite, 25% forums. But now since the outage, and seeing how wonderful a place the forums really are, I think I'll be spending about equal, if not more time on the forums.


I don't have a very long watch list, so even when FA is up I rarely need to spend more than 10 minutes or so on there, maybe more if I'd just submitted some porn XD

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Now that I joined the forums I think I'll be here even when the main site returns :3

Cause, you know, time reeeeeaaalllyyy slooowwsss dooownnn aaattt wooorrrrkkk....

That, and I like the forums more than I thought I would :D


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Now that I joined the forums I think I'll be here even when the main site returns :3

Cause, you know, time reeeeeaaalllyyy slooowwsss dooownnn aaattt wooorrrrkkk....

That, and I like the forums more than I thought I would :D
Yeah, the forums do that to people. You're bored one day, you join the forums expecting to make a few posts, and then you realize that you can't leave. We suck you in and we don't let go. :3


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Admittedly, I was not on here before, but I actually enjoy some of the posts and stuff so I can see myself continuing the presence once FA's back up. :)


Well then, would you say it was some what of a blessing that the server did crash? And that the fact we were all able to met each other, is just great?

I think this turned out pretty cool, hmm I might visit more often myself :)