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Okay... that's freaky...


Has No Compassion
Unintentional poisoning is perfectly possible. Older homes may have had less than safe paint / wood sealants. Depending on where he is, natural protists or fungi spores could be affecting him too.

Either poisoning or mental illness. Either way a doctor could be warranted.


Has No Compassion
Stress isn't necessarily a mental illness but could cause similar things.

I'd count heavy stress as a mental illness, and yes, I know well it causes similar things.


Has No Compassion
OP needs to list his general medications and some other things about his environment before the uncredited doctors of the internet can diagnose him.

Pretty much this


Star Trek Database
There are no such things as ghosts, but it could be an anaphasic life form like the one in the Star Trek The Next Generation episode "Sub Rosa" or an entity that feeds off of fear and death like in the Star Trek episode "Wolf in the Fold"

Also, I wouldn't go to a doctor, it doesn't seem very serious. People tell me to go to a doctor all the time for being anorexic, or having Ehlers Danlos syndrome, but I never did, and I am still alive.


New hobby.

Sneak into peoples houses at night, and install like stereos into their furniture. Then, I can play sounds from each one, making people like op think they are insane.


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Ok, Pilio is taking this a bit too seriously. It's not all that serious. It's not like I'm constantly hearing things. I just posted because I was home alone, was pretty sure I head something, and got freaked out. Lol, I've never had any "mental" problems or had to be taken in for testing.
And with what fenrari said about medication, all I'm on is accutane, which got rid of my acne. And the only mental problem that's supposed to cause is suicidal depression. And that's not happenin' quite yet. So stop worrying about my sanity. I'm just the right level of crazy. =P


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Probably was just a car squealing, you have nothing to worry about.


Just get some damn oil or powdered graphite and go around checking hinges, OP.


Just another smiling face
Haha. I don't even care anymore. I'm killing this thread before it get's any dumber.
You're crazy.
See a doctor.
Don't ask furries for help.
See a therapist.
Don't drink and drive.
Don't do drugs.
You'll go crazy.
Oh, too late.
You're insane.