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Old furry, shy artist


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I've been a furry for years but haven't really been a part of any large furry communities for a really really long time.

A furry friend, upon hearing of my need for cash and suggesting that I might have talents that I could offer the community at large, prompted me to seek out larger communities and, well... I remembered that I still had an account here.

Which I never used. Because I was too afraid of critique to share my work.

The silly things we do out of fear.

So hello. I'm one of those people who prefers small, tight-knit groups over large groups of acquaintances, but always has (hopefully helpful) advice for those that need it - even strangers. I like pottery, hobby farms and various DIY projects and crafts. I pick up artistic skills fairly rapidly and consider myself a jack of all trades.

I'm a digital artist and budding miniaturist. I'm currently doing R&D on a product that I hope will be relatively novel, and am drawing, painting (watercolor) and making jewelry to fill the money gap until it's ready for prime time.

I can be found as both Liana and Shaudo, but plan on pursuing very different themes on each account (after I stop talking myself out of actually posting things).


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Don't be shy O: Everyone has their own style, we'd love to see yours!


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Hi! Have a cookie. :)

I look forward to seeing your work.


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Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I've been watching this thread while drawing and I feel like it helped!

Ra'ara Su'nai

The golden-voiced fox
Welcome welcome! The biggest lesson I can give you with drawing is dont' be afraid of having some bad drawings. Everyone does from time to time. It's how you improve. Me, I don't have a steady hand for drawing. Can't keep my lines straight.