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old school snes favorites


Mario Paint. Whipped up my old copy and SNES mouse, and painted this.

My hand is very sore from holding the mouse too tightly.

Also Super Metroid FTW


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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars. So many fun secret things to do in that game C:

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer
Mega Man X. You can't beat that soundtrack.
What is MM3?
What is MM4?
What is MM6?
What is MM7?
What is MM8?
What is MMX4?
What is MMX5?
What is MMBN2?
What is MMBN3?


Abstract Chimaera
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars. So many fun secret things to do in that game C:
This, Bowser is playable is just awesome. (And I like his special and stats too)

I have a lot of favourite but it's so long that don't remember game names, and I pick one so...
The Great Battle (something, it has Gundum, Masked Rider and stuff), including Bomberman-like spinoff.


Bold and Delicious

And Super Mario All Stars and Super Mario Kart and Demon's Crest and F-Zero and Super Gameboy so I could play all the gameboy games on my SNES, and Mario Paint and Super Mario World and Star Fox and...

*rambles on for hours because the SNES was like, the best gaming device ever created*

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Link to the past definitely<----- only SNES game i ever played >.<


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Every Rockman game(yes, including Soccer), Mother 2, Castlevania 4 and Sunset Riders.
Dat Konami jingle on bootup makes my heart soar; more so than Capcom's.


Snake awakens
Gokujou Parodius and Megaman X.

But damn, there are so many great games on that system. Not that I grew up with it or anything <.<


I'm gonna have to say Final Fantasy III (VI originally)! But like BadRoy said, there's so many wicked games for the SNES, it's really hard to choose. D: Zombies Ate My Neighbors also tops for me, but it was one of the first games I ever played so maybe it's just nostalgia fuelin' it (still recommending, though!).