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Oldest Computers You Own


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This thread is pretty self-explanatory.
Just post a picture and description(If you want) of the oldest computer(s) you own.

I'm up first.

My oldest:
IBM Aptiva 350 from 1994

I don't know much about this computer. When I got it it was striped down bare. Leaving only the Floppy/Disk Drives, motherboard, and the PSU.
Supposedly it came with a 66MHz 486DX 2 and 4mb of RAM, back in the day. Neither of those were in the system when I got it.



My fully functional Oldest:
Some custom built that I found in a basement of an old building that my friend owns.
From sometime during 1997/1998/1999

I added the 3.5in. USB 2.0 drive bay as well as changed out the motherboard and the graphics card when I got it.
Pentium II Deschutes
128mb RAM
ATI Rage 128 Pro
Sound Blaster CT4810
20gb HDD




These last 2 PCs were in a spot where It would be a pain to get them out from so I only have one picture for each.

Gateway Essential 433c from 1998/1999

Emachines ETower 466id from 1998/1999

I know my stuff ins't that old compared to other collections, but hey, they're cool to have.

Can't wait to see what you guys have!
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It's in Ohio, but somewhere I have a tower that runs Geoworks as the original OS and had (maybe) a couple hundred KB hard drive. It had some Tetris knock off game built into the system, and it had a couple DOS games installed on it.

Terribly pathetic system lol. I'm not even sure it works anymore.


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My oldest is an IBM PC XT, sadly it has no HDD but I do have all the software for it including IBM-PC dos 2.1 (I think) and some database software

My second oldest is some un-named thing which I have dubbed "The Unamed Biege". It has an AMD sempron, 256mb of ram a, 70gb HDD and is running Windows NT 4.0 Workstation




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I still have the computer I learned how to code on - Apple IIe. My father got it for us on Christmas, 1983. Best Christmas gift ever!

Yes, I'm old. Sue me! :D
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Oldest computer I own. An original Macintosh 128k. I even have the second external disk drive and the matching Image Writer printer for it and it all still works. I even have the box but as the pic shows it's definitely seen better days. Haven't use it in forever. If I can find a place to set it up I'll get pics of everything all hooked up and running.

The oldest computer I own and still use is my old workhorse PowerBook G3. Saved my paper route money and bought this baby used when I was in 8th grade (2005) and I though it was the greatest thing out there. I had the dual batteries, the DVD drive, Zip drive, and Floppy drive modules for it also. It survived me carrying it to and from high school pretty much every day and was in regular daily use until 2013 when I finally semi retired it when I bought my current HP. It's the 400Mhz model that's been upgraded to 1GB RAM, had a larger HD installed (60GB) and an Airport card added also. In my opinion it was the greatest laptop Apple has ever produced and nothing they make now offers the expandability and longevity of this beast.


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I've thrown out most of my old computers in an effort to save space. The oldest one I own is an old Sony VAIO running Windows Vista that I was given permission to take from my previous IT job. I thought it was worth fixing up. It was not.

The oldest one that I actually use is just over a year old. I built it myself, cost me about $800.


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The oldest one that I actually use is just over a year old. I built it myself, cost me about $800.
I liked building my own PC. It's something everyone should do at least once.
Huh, I have a regular commodore 64 somewhere. In a box in the basement. Also an apple IIc. If I wasn't so lazy I might play with turtle graphics or something. The oldest computer I actually regularly USE however is a windows 98 version 1 one.


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Technically oldest computer I own is a ballistic computer from a WWII antiaircraft fire control computer. All mechanical but it’s a computer that calculates the projected track of an aircraft and leads the guns from the gunsight


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I believe the old pentium 2 PC I used to use as a gaming setup well past its useful days until 2009 ish is still in the loft. Had a 10 GB HHD, 128 MB of RAM and a 3Dfx voodoo 3 graphics card in.

The LG CRT monitor I had for it was so worn out I had to leave it on for 30 mins just to be able to see anything on it with the brightness and contrast settings on max. Never had internet access on it so when I first got a wii I used that to go online at home until I got my first laptop.


A windows vista computer. Don't know anything about it, just that it is a windows vista computer, it sometimes displays the battery at 0%, but still runs. Its strange.


I still actively use my Gateway Touchportal and while it isn't too old (2008) it is EXTREMELY slow and outdated.


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They're with my mother in another state, but I have a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop with XP, a Pentium 4, 80GB HDD and (I think) 512MB RAM, as well as an IBM ThinkPad with Vista, a 120GB HDD, and I'm not sure what the rest of the specs are. I don't remember much about the specs of either of them. They both were given to me, and they're both painfully slow. I've also got one of those old white MacBooks back at home. I bought that thing a few years back when I was 14 using money I had made pet sitting and doing odd jobs around my neighborhood, and it served me pretty well until it died. I had upgraded the HDD to a 750GB and the RAM to 4GB, and it was a champ until it died on me on New Year's Eve in 2016. I think I might be able to fix it, though. I just haven't had the time/desire to.


1983 - Tandy m100 - One of the first legitimate laptops. Owned since 2015. 4 AA batteries power a low voltage Z80 processor. 4 more batteries power an external tape drive. The built in programs were written by Bill Gates himself.
1985 - Commodore 128 - Owned since 2011 to replace an older Commodore 64 that I had since childhood (~2000) and regretfully sold.
1989 - Mac SE SuperDrive - Owned since 2001. 1.44 MB floppy. Built in HD. Not functional, though I'll fix it one day. It's my favorite Mac.
1993 - SGI Indy, saved from university garbage in ~2010. Comes with a mysterious dongle and long forgotten, inaccessible accounts from graduate students.
1994 - Mac Performa 6110 CD (Also known as the Power Macintosh 6100 CD) - Owned since 2002. First Power PC Mac, runs at 60 Mhz. Upgraded ~2015 with a 486 PC card.

I have other computers, but they're not interesting. There's a Toshiba laptop from 1997 or so that I'd like a lot more if it didn't have a passive matrix LCD screen. I also tend to keep my previous home-built systems. They're not interesting either.

the SX-64 is actually considered one of the first laptops

is a dream machine. Whatever happens, don't ever sell it.


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Technically the oldest one I still possess is one of these, which does actually still work. I bought it to do A Level maths in 1989. It’s programmable and graphs equations.



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I have an old top-of-the-line Sony Vaio from 2004. My mom originally bought it because she needed a computer for work, and the fine folks at Best Buy upsold her into it from a Dell Dimension. Looking back I’m glad they upsold her into it, because then I could play NR2003 and GTA San Andreas at max settings. I still have it, and I pulled it out a while ago just to play some XP era games that Windows 10 was too stubborn to run. Good times. I believe it has a Voodoo 5 card in it, not sure.


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Home built Gaming Pc from around 2003 (when it cost around $1000)
I got it from dad's friend just from fan-of-old-geeky-stuff purposes, luckily for free.
It's got an Athlon 64 4000+ 1.5 Gb of DDR-400 Ram and an ATi 9800 Pro, which was like 1080 back then.


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Oh boy. I used to be fascinated with old tech and collected a lot when I was younger and people were giving or throwing this stuff away.

I've got some oddballs, the oldest that is still fully functional and what you would consider a 'computer' is an IBM Thinkpad 300 from 1992. Monochromatic (black and white) display, an Intel 80386 SL @ 25MHz, and if I remember right 4mb RAM with a 80MB HDD. It's in storage ATM or I'd take a picture of it with the keyboard up; one of it's coolest features was to access the RAM, HDD, etc, the keyboard had a latch and opened like a little box. It was shipped with MSDOS but actually runs Win95 perfectly well.


Another one from the same era that I do have on hand is an ARM branded laptop model TS30AT from 1993 with a color TFT display and a lot of upgrades. Currently it has a incredible 12mb of RAM, a 540mb HDD, and a 50MHz DX2 486 CPU sitting on a socket voltage adapter (laptop was not designed to run this CPU). As with above MSDOS was the expected OS and although the specs are higher it really doesn't like Win95, gets way to hot (there are no fans). Currently it's running IBM DOS 3.something and I keep it around for giggles. Unlike the 300's beeper this one has an actual multimedia speaker! Was a beast of a gaming rig back in the day.


I do have a Apple Macintosh, AKA the Macintosh 128K that can take us back to 1984 but it's functionality is in question. It did come one last time I plugged it in and I still have the boot disk (amusingly, Microsoft Word) but it was a bit sketchy... Needed a little shake and wiggle, probably just a bad connection somewhere.

I also have a Commodore 64 (1982) and a Sinclair ZX81 (1981) but those were screen-less computers that connected to a TV so idk if you would consider them 'computers' in the modern sense.

If we were to include those then we'd have to include early gaming systems too and I could take us right back to the early 70s lol. Atari 2600, Atari pong, intelevision, from the mid-late 70s and some really weird ones from radioshack in the very early 70s.
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Technically the oldest one I still possess is one of these, which does actually still work. I bought it to do A Level maths in 1989. It’s programmable and graphs equations.

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I have one of these that Casio repurposed as a personal organizer. I last used it to perform date calculations, but I'm pretty sure the other data on there is still intact.
Also have a pair of Texas Instruments organizers and a Tandy clone of the same model. Even got the data cable to pass data entries back and forth between them (I know I also had a serial port adapter for passing the data to a PC as well).