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Oldest Computers You Own


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I used to have functioning Atari 65XE from 1991 (the kind that would store data on cassette tapes):

But it looks like my crazy mother in all her "thoughtfulness" threw it away some time after it was stashed in the cellar. And to think I could have sold it for around $100 today, dammit...


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I got a shitty eMachine laptop that functions like absolute ass


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I have this old Win 3.1 machine collecting dust in my home. Much of it doesn't work any more.


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I have an "Expansion Module 3" version of the Coleco Adam. Equipped with quadruple disk drives (5.25" and 3.5"), twin tape drives, a serial port for a conventional modem and a parallel port for a dot-matrix printer. I would have set it up for giggles, but am chronically short on horizontal space at the moment (i.e. for the last decade)

I do have a 486SX-33 laptop (Toshiba t1910cs) that I'm pretty sure would boot up if I found a working power supply for it.
I'm pretty sure my Toshiba Satellite 2155CDS (486DX75) will still boot, since nothing was physically wrong with it when it was retired to a bookcase.
I know my Toshiba Portege 620CT (Pentium 100) "ultralight" boots up since I played a round of Jazz Jackrabbit on it within the past year.

what is amazing is how thick these machines are compared to more modern ones that still have optical drives.


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This thread is pretty self-explanatory.
Just post a picture and description(If you want) of the oldest computer(s) you own.

I'm up first.

My oldest:
IBM Aptiva 350 from 1994

I don't know much about this computer. When I got it it was striped down bare. Leaving only the Floppy/Disk Drives, motherboard, and the PSU.
Supposedly it came with a 66MHz 486DX 2 and 4mb of RAM, back in the day. Neither of those were in the system when I got it.

My fully functional Oldest:
Some custom built that I found in a basement of an old building that my friend owns.
From sometime during 1997/1998/1999

I added the 3.5in. USB 2.0 drive bay as well as changed out the motherboard and the graphics card when I got it.
Pentium II Deschutes
128mb RAM
ATI Rage 128 Pro
Sound Blaster CT4810
20gb HDD

These last 2 PCs were in a spot where It would be a pain to get them out from so I only have one picture for each.

Gateway Essential 433c from 1998/1999

Emachines ETower 466id from 1998/1999

I know my stuff ins't that old compared to other collections, but hey, they're cool to have.

Can't wait to see what you guys have!
No picture, but I used to have an ancient toshiba laptop from...1995 I think? The thing was like, 3 inches thick, it was a light gray. I wish I still had it.
Oh boy. I used to be fascinated with old tech and collected a lot when I was younger and people were giving or throwing this stuff away.

I've got some oddballs, the oldest that is still fully functional and what you would consider a 'computer' is an IBM Thinkpad 300 from 1992. Monochromatic (black and white) display, an Intel 80386 SL @ 25MHz, and if I remember right 4mb RAM with a 80MB HDD. It's in storage ATM or I'd take a picture of it with the keyboard up; one of it's coolest features was to access the RAM, HDD, etc, the keyboard had a latch and opened like a little box. It was shipped with MSDOS but actually runs Win95 perfectly well.

Another one from the same era that I do have on hand is an ARM branded laptop model TS30AT from 1993 with a color TFT display and a lot of upgrades. Currently it has a incredible 12mb of RAM, a 540mb HDD, and a 50MHz DX2 486 CPU sitting on a socket voltage adapter (laptop was not designed to run this CPU). As with above MSDOS was the expected OS and although the specs are higher it really doesn't like Win95, gets way to hot (there are no fans). Currently it's running IBM DOS 3.something and I keep it around for giggles. Unlike the 300's beeper this one has an actual multimedia speaker! Was a beast of a gaming rig back in the day.

I do have a Apple Macintosh, AKA the Macintosh 128K that can take us back to 1984 but it's functionality is in question. It did come one last time I plugged it in and I still have the boot disk (amusingly, Microsoft Word) but it was a bit sketchy... Needed a little shake and wiggle, probably just a bad connection somewhere.

I also have a Commodore 64 (1982) and a Sinclair ZX81 (1981) but those were screen-less computers that connected to a TV so idk if you would consider them 'computers' in the modern sense.

If we were to include those then we'd have to include early gaming systems too and I could take us right back to the early 70s lol. Atari 2600, Atari pong, intelevision, from the mid-late 70s and some really weird ones from radioshack in the very early 70s.
Early gaming systems? I have an old NES in my closet. I collect.


I have a Panasonic CF-28 I've been on and off restoring for a few years now. It's a hybrid using the working parts of other CF-28s and scavenged accessories like the wireless antenna and waterproof backlit keyboard, but the main unit has a date stamp saying 31 March, 2005.

Mine's slightly older, complete with Windows 98 CoA.


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Jinxie luvs retro-tech, especially mobile devices. So Jinxie gots a TRS-80 PC-2 Pocket Computer from 1982! Nifty. <3:p


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I have an old HP (1980's era?) with an 8086 processor running Windows 1.0, I think. It has a build number, not a level number. Ten Mb hdd, 256k ram that shares with the video. 16 colors @ 640x480 display. Runs Wordperfect and Quattro. N0t enough horsepower to surf the 'Intarwebs' with a visual browser on an acoustic coupler. Also I have a Sharp Wizard OZ-750. Not as simple as a PIM but not quite a palmtop, either. it has 4Mb or memory total that the OS, memory and operating ram have to share. Cannot surf the web on that one; no modem.


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Wish I still had the Pentium II machine I grew up with, but she gone...

Next one had an AMD Duron and a TNT2 which kicked ass at the time. Played Mechwarrior 2 like a motherfucker. It came with Windows ME, I loved that OS, never did understand all the hate. Was built by Cicero, also gone :(
My folks threw in the video card and a Soundblaster 16, that thing meant business.

The oldest one I have to date is a laptop with a Pentium II that is somewhere in a box downstairs, and I'm still not sure how I got it. I can't remember the make or model and am too lazy to go find it, but it's there, and I'm fairly positive it still works. It's a W95 machine. Specs unknown.

It's crazy thinking back and writing this post on a laptop that could virtualize several identical environments without skipping a beat when there was a time when having 16MB handy on a graphics card was like holy shiznat, how did you fit that much RAM on this card!?


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My two Amiga 500s and my Amiga 1200 (the A2000 wasn't on the desk yet!)


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The oldest computer i have is probably my Dell computer and monitor from 2005.
(of course i can´t use it due to the damn power cord not working)


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Unless a Game Boy Advance counts, I suppose my desktop that I use everyday is technically my oldest. I bought it used as a pretty decent gaming rig in 2009, and it's on it's 3rd or 4th motherboard, 2nd power supply, 3rd graphics card, 3rd processor, 3rd set of RAM, and original case and DVD drive. Most of it was a component or two at a time, so it still feels like it counts as the same computer.


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the oldest one is from my father when he was a kid, is a 1985 amstrad pc 1512

and then some terminals like two minitel:

some portable pc from the late 80s

Finally, a apple macintosh plus from 1987


Right, I got lots of oldies. An apple IIE from 1982, an Atari 400 from 1978 and 810 drive, and a Tandy FD laptop from 1988.


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I have an old Compaq Deskpro with an Intel Pentium III @ 500 MHz running Windows 98. One of my most interesting computers is an old Sun server. I don't really know much about it but I do know that it is LOUD.http://file:///home/ben/Documents/sun1.jpg http://file:///home/ben/Documents/sun2.jpg


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I have an AMIGA 500 from about 1987, though I use the emulator WinUAE to run everything from it lately. The emulator is faster than the original machine...gotta love technological advances! <laugh>

I USED to own a Commodore 64, but it's long gone now.

Related topic, ever watch videos of people who are sat in front of an older PC like these and try to use it? It's hilarious as the way you used PC's back then was FAR different than anything today. Still, you frequently see in the vids the first thing they do at a line prompt is type "google". Or the idea of booting from a floppy disk just for the OS is completely unknown.