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Sketchbook: Olivitree's Arts and crafts


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Hey all, thought I would start a sketchbook and showcase some things I'm doing lately.

Lets start a bit about me, I've hidden it just because not everyone wants to know! :D

I'm an artist from the UK, I've always loved critters and monsters, but equally I struggle to find what I really love drawing, it use to be dragons but lately I have been trying to work out where I should place my main content in terms of topic.

In 2010 I started working in a more professional sense and in 2016 I finally started making the move to become self employed. Now I do art as my full time job, it doesn't yet pay a full time wage but I'm working on it! I am very lucky to be supported by my partner in this and he has held me up every step of the way.
So, I am in a very lucky position, very few people can just be a full time artist straight off the starting block.

I live with my partner and our menagery of animals (I'm not going to say how many as it keeps changing) including guinea pigs, cats, reptiles, amphibians and some creepy crawlies (we have a bioactive set up with some buglets in :D). I am fascinated by all animals, very few make it into my do-not-like list, and those are primarily parasitic creatures, they can go get bent.

Generally I love to chat but I'm quite shy, I'm more than happy to talk to people if they have something to talk about, but "hi how are you" and nothing deeper than that type conversations, are not my bag, small talk, no thanks, deep talk, yes please!

I'm a casual youtuber, mostly because I don't always have time to make youtube videos, the life of a self employed artist is random and lacking in structure! (well, my life is anyway XD )

I would love it if you jumped onto my social media platforms and chatted with me, twitter, facebook, telegram, all that good stuff, I'm olivitree just about everywhere.

For my art work, I use all sorts of mediums, my digital work tends to be done on an ipad pro with an apple pencil, using art studio pro or procreate as my software. I never liked apple, I still kinda don't, but I can't deny how smooth and flawless the user experience has been so far. T_T

Traditional art wise, I use all kinds of paints, pens, inks, pencils, clays, wool, the list goes on! I love getting into everything, even DIY, I love putting stuff together and creating things with my hands!

In a bit of an OTHER catagory I'm also capable in 3D modelling, game design and a bit into animation and the like. I got a degree in interactive game design that kind of gave me a jack of all trades master of none kind of education. I don't regret going to university, but I regret going to university so soon and not spending more time thinking about what I wanted to do. That said, I still think the skills I learned are very usable.

Thank you for reading my waffle! Hope you found it remotely interesting, on to the art!

Below is some of my latest stuff just to get us started, what do you think? Anything you would do differently? I'm open to comments and critique if you have it but, not really what the post is aimed at, I would love to discuss things though, I may put a topic of discussion here every now and then with a piece of art.

Hope you are all staying safe and well.

Much luffs,

A re-do of an old artowork of a wendigo, I was going to do more for it and release it as a youtube video, but the recording died, so I kinda finished it off a bit more roughly than I would have done, but I kind of like the roughnesss

Pet portrait of our cat Bean, she is magical, mystical, out of this world and completely spaced out, we love this derpy derp.

Mine and my partners characters, this was originally for confuzzled themed commissions, but it got cancelled! very sad, but I'm carrying on with them and will likely release them next year, assuming CFZ happens next year D: stupid virus.


Some links of potential interest!
Commission price list and queue


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You have beautiful artwork :) I'd love to see more!
:3 thank you very much! I've been working on some less illustrationy commissions recently but new artworks are in the brain works!


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Finally got a couple of ref sheets done for myself, they're scruffy as heck, but most art I make for myself is :D

I've been keeping myself busy with the requests and trades section too, just to keep my art muscles strong, its been fun doing so many different species and such in sketch format!




(all these availiable in my scraps, didn't want to flood my main gallery with sketches! Scraps Gallery for Olivitree -- Fur Affinity [dot] net)

So as you can see I've been keeping myself busy!
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Heres some more things I've been working on!
All clickable to go to the larger images, strongly suggest you do on the first one lots of little details.

This one might change a tad more, some bits I forgot to add in for the customer and we're just seeing if we'd like to add them or not!

Some trades I did for some folks :3

This one was done for a very short raffle I held (literally 30 minutes XD ) I wanted to experiment with some brushes.


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Plonking these in here because I'm using them a lot as examples and I really need them at the smaller size otherwise its a pain for everyone to look at in a thread o.o So excuse the image spam but I hope you like some of these :D

Some Illustrationy type pieces, various techniques used here.


A new style I was trying out I already posted a few of

Some ref sheets I was commissioned for


Think thats most of it that I use regularly, I'm lazy I just copy and paste usually XD