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Olympian Gods Portfolio


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Hello everyone!

I've made this thread tonght to hopefully gather an interested crowd in a portfolio I will begin in Jan/Feb. I will be creating a portfolio featuring 6 of the 12 greek Olympian gods. There will be a second portfolio to include the remaining gods, but that will happen after this portfolio is completed.


The link above is a journal containing information about the portfolio, such as how you may have a chance to have your character as a god! And pricing and all sorts of stuff I would LOVE to have your input on!

This journal also contains a super small survey that I need anyone who has a slight interest or is just willing to help me out to answer, either here or in the journal. I'll have the survey here, but the information you'll need is in the journal.


1. Please choose 6 gods/goddesses you would like to see in the first portfolio.


2. Which content would you prefer in the portfolio?

A. Personal characters who won the gods' auction.
B. The gods' spritual animal.

3. What size portfolio would you prefer?

A. 4 X 6
B. 5 X 7
C. 8 X 10

ANY feedback is appreciated and can either be left here or on my FA page/journal <3 Thank you!


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Here's a tally of what's going on so far, but I haven't had many responses. Even if you don't want to buy it, votes would help narrow down options XD

Choosen Gods:
Zeus I
Poseidon II
Hades III
Hestia I
Hera I
Ares I
Athena III
Apollo I
Aphrodite III
Hermes II
Aretmis III
Hephaestus III

A. Personal characters who won the gods' auction. IIII
B. The gods' spritual animal. II

Portfolio Size:
A. 4 X 6 IIIII
B. 5 X 7
C. 8 X 10 [Maybe for like... a special edition or something?]
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I can vote, at least.

Personally, I would choose Athena, Apollo, Hermes, Artemis, Hephaestus, and Aphrodite.
Spiritual animals are cool, but since you're doing it on an auction base I think that Content A, featuring personal characters, would be preferable.
Portfolio Size: C would be the coolest, but, I'm thinking A would be most profitable, because then maybe people could afford to try to get the whole collection? Dunno.

Hope the votes help.


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Thaaannkk yyoouu <333 Yes your vote is most definitely helpful <33

I've added your votes to the "results" post above =3

Oh man, my original idea was to indeed sell the portfolio 8 X 10 but.. it's pretty pricey. I had someone suggest to do the portfolio 4 X 6 and do a few special 8 X 10 portfolios =3 I kinna like it.

Thanks again for taking the time to vote, I really appreciate it <3


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Results have been updated again! I also had a suggestion from someone to do the spiritual animals of the gods, but in the mean time offer greek god commissions to further the hype. Would anyone be interested in that? They probably wouldn't be as high quality as I intend to make the portfolio since I would like to spend more time on portfolio pieces.

And if not interested in that, I could always use some more votes. There's a tie between Poseidon and Hermes.