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Omfg <3 <3


Meliz said:
anything deepfried.

That reminds me, battered Mars Bars. Oh my... they are the best choclate/confectionary item it is possible to purchase!
Also, when I was in Scotland I discovered they batter EVERYTHING! Even pizza and Irn Bru! (Yes, Irn Bru! They have a wee pouch of batter, pour in the Irn Bru, plug it and then fry it! Eeewwww)


Pizza hut pizza with tapatio hot sauce and some videlia onion vinagarette dressing on the side. It's marvelous.


Peanut butter and cheese, kind of a no-brainer, probably already done-to-death.

Onions and apples, caramelized in a frying pan.

Marl Duothimir

New Member
Coffee and Almond Windmills (little cookies in the shape of windmills with bits of almond in them). Absolutely awesome-tastic, as some would say.


I'm Not Regret
Orange juice and sprite. Good for you, and takes the bite out of the juice. I drink it at work when I don't want caffeine.


Beef Jerky or Reindeer Jerky, dipped in garlic mayo and salsa.


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I'm sorry, I'm just trying to comprehend that you, Rilvor, used a text heart.


New Member
Apples in cheese fondue is quite good..<3

Blueberry Ego waffels and peanut butter..
It has to be the blueberry kind.. the plain ones just have the right amount of sweetness with the peanut butter.

Also.. when I bake (white or yellow) cakes I like to substitue the water in the recepie with the same amount of strongly brewed tea for flavor. I find that earl greay and the powdered green (macha) tea are great for this.


100% organic vegan hubbas
Hot Chocolate with a bit of cayenne pepper in it. Spicy and delicious.


Resident Psychopath
Pretzels and yellow mustard.


New Member
a lot of my favorite combo's are gross and very unhealthy sounding, I used to like mixing savoury and sweet foods like, yogurt and sausages, custard and fries, crisps and jellybeans.


I'm Not Regret
Strawberry Sunny D and coconut rum (preferably Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay). Hell yeah almost 0 proof. It's weaker than can be, but who cares? It's frickin' delicious. Also, one can substitute mango Sunny-D, or lime-ade, or whatnot.