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Oni-con 2017 Galveston Texas Oct 27th - 29th.


New Member
I know this isn't a furry specific convention but there are plenty that do attend. I was wondering a few things that subsequently drove me to create this post.

Do any of you happen to be attending the convention?

And does anyone happen to know of a Telegram, or Discord group that exists for these conventions? I would like to set up potential plans and events for the three day event. Perhaps even get to know a few people before attending.


New Member
Sorry for the very late response;

as far as I know, there's only an official FB group for Oni-con, and people use it to chat with one another. I was there and it was fun, not many furs but there were a handful so it was still fun ^^ I want to say like, 8 furs? And there was definitely like, 1-2 artists there.