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Online Gamers


Oh Boy!
This is for all online gamers to share information and exchange information. This thread is open to all game systems and PC games. All you need to do give your online info and you'll be added. (I'll be organizing this more and more as time progresses)

Xbox Live:
Silibus: BigBOS5
South Syde Fox: Abysal Warrior
Span Wolf: Span Wolf
Emerson: Nocturnefoxx
WolfeMasters: WolfeMasters
TheListener: The Ratling
Ripner: Ripner
Komamura: Komamura
Polarity: LoveHertz
CommodoreKitty: LordofSkulls
Xendrax: Xendrax
Sarn Darkholm: Silverfangdarkk
Lekko: Lekko Foxmur
Moku: Ginxu
Deigo117: Omega Fox 117
hkMolotov: hkMolotov
DJDarkViper: DJDarkViper
ligaa: pWEN
sneve: MurderousFrank
skulltoe: culmor30
NewfDraggie: NewfDraggie
Tigneon: Hyp3r 5n1p3r
Xipoid: Meat Cyclone
Alex Saab: GratefulCha0s
Vexer: FNBNxHelios
LupyFur: Flushpuppy
Wolfkurt: wolfikurt2
Neybulot: OutwarLackey123
Shark_the_raptor: Sharktheraptor
SuperSwede88: SuperSwede88
Kittenadmin: Admin545
Yaoi-Mikey: Lilith Boy
TheComet: TheCometCE
Sneve: Aris Redrain
LucidBlaze: Lucid Blaze
Beck: DogmaX9
Electmeking: Elect Me King
Keybearer: Lerixr
Adrianfolf: AdrianLekach
lupinealchemist: lupinealchemist
Wolfmagik: Skydog Stlouis
Garrus: Fox McCloud 117

Wii Code:
Silibus: 1709 3241 1717 2199
Yoshistar: 0538 9587 1594 4534
Cheesewulf: 2177 0118 3014 8810
Neybulot: 6923 1248 0624 6031
Half-Witted fur: 0587 8072 2448 7615
Keybearer: 7036 7249 4632 9400
Kolbo: 3225 8940 1432 9622
Fullmoonpsycho: 7239 9229 0256 7429

Super Mario Strikers Charged:
Cheesewulf: 1547 6552 9695

Mario Kart:
Silibus: 2277 7217 8080
Yoshistar: 1118 2913 4429
Cheesewulf: 3737 9686 9479

Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
(See: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=32967)

Bomberman Blast:
Keybearer: 4124 8468 2565

Guitar Hero 3:
Keybearer: 0989 4099 3404

Mario Strikers Charged:
Keybearer: 3394 2178 6545

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams:
Keybearer: 0345 1441 1500

Pokemon Battle Revolution:
Keybearer: 1074 9256 1809

Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City:
Laze: 0890 7610 3732

Bomberman (Wii ware):
Fullmoonpsycho: 1161 4334 0244

Guitar Hero: World Tour:
Fullmoonpsycho: 4382 5408 8328

Advance Wars: DoR
Silibus: 532 700 746 280
AlexX: 339 463 714 859
Perverted Impact: 481 164 762 775
KypDurron23: 098 929 475 752

Megaman Starforce 2:
Silibus: 214 898 478 209
Dragoon: 442 557 557 327

Pokemon D/P:
Yoshistar: 1375 4704 6911
AlexX: 3694 6697 5243
ChillCoyotl:1547 1695 3791
KypDurron23: 5370 1518 1600
Neybulot: 3651 7017 5270
Keybearer: 2535 0142 5335 (Diamond) / 0001 4440 7552 (Pearl)
Kolbo: 0130 6102 5691

Planet Puzzle League:
Yoshistar: 390 958 326 790

Mario Kart Ds:
Yoshistar: 326 525 608 268
Emerson: 4982 7810 5961
Cheesewulf: 5369 7768 7887
Keybearer: 4811 1238 2352

Star Fox Command:
Emerson: 095 026 070 262
AlexX: 361 164 089 550
Cheesewulf: 739 497 564 933
Perverted impact: 170 592 289 713
ChillCoyotl: 229 484 051 563
Keybearer: 975 371 204 214

Marvel Trading Card Game:
Emerson: 266 388 597 400

Tetris Ds:
Emerson: 0843 4950 5623

Clubhouse Games:
Emerson: 4940 2091 1729

Castlevania PoR:
Emerson: 317 914 906 225

Final Fantasy III:
Emerson: 266 372 149 257
223 430 619 993

Animal Crossing WW:
Yoshistar: 1590 2188 2520
Emerson: 2620 5969 0433
AlexX: 5154 5706 5213
Neybulot: 4123 7998 6957
Keybearer: 2105 2952 0217

Metriod Prime Hunters:
Emerson: 5326 4349 6768
ChillCoyotl: 2706 6404 7351
Neybulot: 0473 1838 5186

Diddy Kong racing Ds:
Yoshistar: 210 595 751 316

The Legend of Zelda, Ph:
Yoshistar: 1289 7144 5568
Cheesewulf: 3909 5775 0955
KypDurron23: 4511 1583 6827
Keybearer: 2191 7100 0796
Dragoon: 253 578 998 528
Kolbo: 5456 3730 9046

Sonic Rush Adventure:
2835 7857 6962

FFCC Ring of Fates:
Keybearer: 1774 5312 0426

Span Wolf: Span_Wolf
kapps: Kapus
Term_the_Shmuck: Schmuck88
Sukepanda: Sukepanda
Lekko: Lekko
ShagsterP: Nerfsniper
hkMolotov: hkMolotov
DJDarkViper: DJDarkViper
Landis: trapgunner
hypr: Hyprthecat
Kitomi: Ominess
Zarafar: DarkfireDesch
RouShu_wolf: VampireLupus
Fable-Dragon: DarkfireDesch
Takum: Takumfox
Xaerun: Xaerun
Mr. Fox: General-jones
Silver R. Wolfe: SilverRWolfe
Tigneon: Hyp3r_Act1v3
flying_bailey1: Digi-Drachen
brownsquirrel: squirrelmaize
Zoopedia: Deinonut
Half-witted fur: half-wited_z
Ethereal Dragon: Sp1r1tdrag0n92
Nekofox08: Nekofox08
Relliott: Relliott22
Shark_the_raptor: Sharktheraptor
Faradin: Faradin2772
Emberfur: EmberDragon
Grundmoon: grundmoon
OrpheusTelos: Shawn645
Adrianfolf: AdrianLekach
Kolbo: Kolbo
Laze: akerjlg

Konami ID's:
Nekofox08: Nekofox18

Half-witted fur: halfwittedfur
Greyscale: mcninchr
Skittle: 01001100
Relliott: Relliott2273 (Aka Wolfy)
Neybulot: OutwarLackey123
Kesteh: Smee2u
CerberusWhitefur: Cerbie666
Emberfur: noonetmc
Gear the Wolf: Gear the Wolf
Xaerun: Xaerun
Mudjoe: joey233114
Electmeking: electmeking
Werevixen: Retjzkai
Corrupted: EmeraldBunny
Kajet: Kajet
Adrianfolf: Adrianfolf
mrredfox: callumtaylor1992
Attorney_at_Lawl: fngdarkferret
Pitchblack: Dark Thoughts / Pitchblack

Desume Crysis Kaiser: Deskais Spirt
Greyscale: Keita Fhang
Mr. Fox: Alexeo Twine
Neybulot: Timothy Soyer
CerberusWhitefur: Cerberus Watanabe
Emberfur: Ember Trilam
Gear the Wolf: Bryce Blitz
South Syde Fox: Sozen Braveheart
Sneve: Aris Braveheart
LucidBlaze: Bowshi Dumpling
Werevixen: Tani Greenwood / Retjzkai Petlyakov
Kajet: Kajet Seifert
Adrianfolf: Adrian Lekach

Cheesewulf: Forscherliga (Euro-server)
Ethereal Dragon: Brmadcat, Erathor [alliance]- Frostprophet [horde] (Terenas Server/USA)
Mc_Jack: nagrand, Anúbìs
Runner: Sirch [alliance] (Hellscream Server)
Eiraridu: Toranirov (Bladefist - US server)
Grand Hatter: Taw (Khaz Goroth)
Chomper: Llane (Horde side, Aherring); Uldaman (Horde side, Uoyetahi); Bonechewer (Allience side, Seveena); Durotan (Allience side, Tsul)
TheComet: Sybol (lvl 68 Tauren Feral Druid); ToXiC (Mid-Rate realm, private server)
Sneve: Sneve / Arisray / Cristal [Alliance] ; Zniv [Horde] (Fernis server)
Corrupted: Elwenn - Balnazzar - EU
Kajet: Kajet [Horde] (Mug thol server)
Attorney_at_Lawl: Sebudai (Cenarion Circle US) [horde] tauren warrior
Fullmoonpsycho: Anub'arok Mauwdren [horde]

Vexer: Vexer2
Eiraridu: Tonosair (Kradia server - global)

Desume Crysis Kaiser: Haosena, Crysis

Rumble fighter:
Desume Crysis Kaiser: Haosena

Combat Arms:
Desume Crysis Kaiser: Deskais
Thebeast76: Mayhew
Kesteh: Flyingbox
OrpheusTelos: OrpheusTelos
--Guilmon--: Snowkit

Air Rivals:
Ethereal Dragon: Ether3al

Ethereal Dragon: Ether3al_Dragon (east or west US servers)
Electmeking: electmeking

UT3 and UT2004:
Ethereal Dragon: Ether3al_Dragon
Kesteh: Flyingbox

War Rock:
Thebeast76: pwn1n470r

Guild Wars:
Pwncakesfury: Catherina
CerberusWhitefur: Cerberus Watanabe
Sernion: Ranger Sernion

Pwncakesfury: Xenetian Heal Pants

Wolf Team:
Kesteh: Flyingbox

Hellgate London:
Kesteh: Flyingbox

Neverwinter Nights:
Kesteh: Flyingbox

Neybulot: AshTR
Corrupted: emeraldexodus
mrredfox: callumtaylor

Grand Hatter: Devastis (Defiant) (eu servers)

CerberusWhitefur: Cerbie (server Valkyrie)


TheComet: TheComet

GunZ online:
TheComet: TheComet

TheComet: TheComet

TheComet: KitsuneRed

[Fox]: NFD

Anarchy online:
Werevixen: Vickson

Project Torque:
Werevixen: Werevixen
Adrianfolf: AdrianLekach

Kero: Kerokun (Carbuncle server)
Adrianfolf: Zeoma server Bahamut

Secondhand Lands:
Kajet: Kajet / Ark

Everquest 1:
Adrianfolf: Guilmon

Everquest 2:
Adrianfolf: AdrianLekach

Pitchblack: Pitchblack

World in conflict:
Pitchblack: -Pitchblack-
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south syde dobe

4th Elite General
Xbox live: Abysal Warrior


Or alternatively post in the sticky up there, which is pretty much the same thing.


This is more organized, instead of flipping through millions of pages. Just look at the first.

Do you mean you'll be updating the first post with subsequently added details? Would've been helpful if you'd actually said that. If that's the case, then great. Bonus points if you put it in alphabetical order.


Oh Boy!
Do you mean you'll be updating the first post with subsequently added details? Would've been helpful if you'd actually said that. If that's the case, then great. Bonus points if you put it in alphabetical order.
Give me a little time and this thread will have all the information of the sticky one and will be more organized. I'll try my best to make everything as user-friendly as possible.


I'm on Xbox Live and Steam occasionally, but I don't play competitively anymore. More often than not, I'm just there for shenanigans.

(Glance left)

Verin Asper

The Smart Idiot
Latale-Haosena, Crysis
Rumble Fighter- Haosena
Combat Arms-Deskais
Second Life- Deskais Spirt

once I get my Wii back I should know the friend codes for my two games.


Watch and learn, kid.
Here are my Nintendo DS friend codes:

1.) Pokemon Diamond
Name: LUCAS -- 1375-4704-6911

Planet Puzzle League: 390958--326790

Mario Kart DS: 326525--608268

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Town: Tazmily; Name: Kidany --

Diddy Kong Racing DS: 210595--751316

The Legend of Zelda, Phantom Hourglass: 1289-7144-5568


And here are my Wii Codes:

Console: 0538-9587-1594-4534
Mario Kart Wii: 1118-2913-4429

My Brawl code is already on that one other page, so it's kinda pointless to post it here. ^^;

Alex Saab

Don't drink and sled, dood.


The Monster Under Your Bed
Ps3: half-wited_z (team fortress 2)
Wii: (brawl friend code coming soon)
steam: halfwittedfur (audiosurf)
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Forscherliga (RP) - european server
playing a lvl70 draenei priest and a gnome warlock there
I'm playing Horde too, I don't have any preference of sides

see sig

Mario Kart Wii:

see sig

Mario Strikers Charged Football:
see sig

Codes from Phantom Hourglass and Mario Kart DS are following, and some other games

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Brooklyn fuhgeddaboudit
XBL:FNBNxHelios(not on to often anymore cuz i got grounded XD)
Maplestory: Vexer2 (Duh!VVV)


Crush or be crushed.
Where are all the PC gamers?

PS3 - Sp1r1tdrag0n92
WoW - Terenas Server (USA)
Characters: Brmadcat, Erathor (alliance)
Frostprophet (horde)
WCIII: Ether3al_Dragon (east or west US servers)
Air Rivals: Ether3al
UT3 and UT2004: Ether3al_Dragon


Steam: 01001100
Nickname being Skittle (L) FurFag

It's Skittle (L) FurFag instead of Skittle T. Furfag because 01001100 is L in binary.


Oh Boy!
Ive added everyones name here to the list. All I need to to finish updating all the gamertags and friend codes from the sticky thread.


Calamity in Heaven
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tyranid hunter
WoW -server (hellscream)
name (sirch) im alliance

Dawn of war soulstorm