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Online Gamers


Ps3 = Relliott22
Steam= Relliott2273 (nicknamed Wolfy)

Let me know that your from FA or I won't add you...

I got a second life now to so if ya want you can add that to ^_^

Second Life = Krane Zapatero

Oh yeah I forgot.. Ps3 games = Cod4 and Gta iv

Steam games = Counter-Strike: source
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Oh Boy!
Perverted Impact, if you want to try RoR again. Im game. Just let me know if your wifi is working.

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer
My god, My wifi is working now

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer
Your pretty good, Silly Bus


Calamity in Heaven
Who won? And what kind of COs are you guys using?

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer
Go away, You monster :(

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer
Really I don't care if I win or lose, as long I'm getting better at the game. Other then that your just bugging me wannna play SF DS with meh now y/n?

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer
SF= Star Fox Command


Oh Boy!
;_; I dont have it anymore. I have Megaman Star force 2, Advance wars: DoR, and Sonic Chronicles.


a sentient shade of teal
I would now say I'm on Steam with this same name, but it would be of no use as I got banned , along with a friend, for playing online from lan. So we had the same IP which steam interpreted as "IP-hack" ...I don't even know what the hell is an ip-hack...
(of course, sending multiple emails asking them to explain this, we received no useful answer...)


May The Horse Be With You!
Xbox Live: SuperSwede88



too bad Mario Slam Basketball has no WiFi function :<

I'll ad some of my DS-Codes now:

StarFox Command: 739-497-564-933
Mario Kart DS: 536-977-687-887
Zelda PH: 3909-5775-0955

and where the hell can I see my Pokemon FC?... or register others?
and what's RoR?