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Online Gamers


Calamity in Heaven
Okay, I realize this is a double-post, but I find it very sad people tend to surrender a lot during random Wifi matches if the map we get has a weather affect and I'm playing Penny...


Metroid Prime Hunters - 2706 6404 7351 (No one plays this game ;_; )

Starfox Command - 229 484 051 563

Pokemon (Diamond) - 1547 1695 3791, I'm a pretty cocky asshole at this game, so I encourage people to challenge me.

I do not advocate Mario Kart DS. :|


Oh Boy!
We didnt get to play anything this weekend AlexX. Sorry, it has kinda been hectic here since Halloween.

Gear the Wolf

OMG, its a thing! Put it away!
Steam: Gear the Wolf
SL: Bryce Blitz

And any chance you can add Final Fantasy 11? online across PC, PS2 and Xbox360
Im Gearwolf, on the Titan server


I'm orange. Fear me. ^V^
Rakion (global)- Shruikun
(rakion comes from same people who created wolf team)

south syde dobe

4th Elite General
Hey add my SL on there man, its Sozen Braveheart. I just started on there so I don't have anything as of yet, infact I haven't even customized my avatar...I just don't know how to do it so if you can send some help to a fellow fur please send me a message k.


"toxic and negative"
Hey man, sign me up for Steam too. Thanks for sticking me into PSN, though!
Steam - Xaerun


лисий любитель
I play Xbox Live alot if that "counts" for being an online gamer.


Teh Emo Thundah!
Perfect World, Heaven's Tear server
Tiber_Septim, lvl. 29 Barbarian;
Corravyn, lvl 22 BladeMaster

Zelda PH: 4511-1583-6827

Advance Wars DoR: 0989-2947-5752

Pokemon Diamond: 5370-1518-1600


DJ Comet
XBoxLive: TheCometCE

WoW: "Sybol" lvl 68 Tauren Feral Druid - ToXiC-WoW Mid-Rate realm (private server)
Continuum: TheComet
GunZ Online: TheComet
Spore: TheComet
GaiaOnline: KitsuneRed (rarely go there anymore)


New Member
Oh? i didn`t notice my Xbox tag was there too, heh! though this should be the correct and updated info ^^;

Xbox L: Aris Redrain
WoW: (Fenris) -Alliance: Sneve / Arisray / Cristal .
- Horde: Zniv
Second Life: Aris Braveheart


Just a friendly robot
Hit me up on Call of Duty: United Offensive for the PC, betches.
I'm named yourself


Just a simple innocent Wolf
Ever quest

Mainly Vanguard, have taken a 6 month break wont be back until Jan. 09 Under this name


Free hugs! ^^
Xbox Live: Lucid Blaze
I'll have to wait til I get my Wii back before I post my FC.
I have too many DS games. I'll just challenge people seperately. o.o
SL is Bowshi Dumpling.
I also play FF11 and a few other online games, but I'll have to post the details to those once I get decent broadband back, cos I think the accounts might have expired.


The Monster Under Your Bed
just a question: how the hell do i access my pal pad on Pokemon diamond/pearl?