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oops i never said hi


i joined the forums a while ago but forgot to make an intro post. oopsie poopsie

well hi!! i go by many names but you can just call me aliea! honestly any of my sona names are fine lol. its nice to meet you!

i'm a 24 year old nonbinary guy that is very gnc and uses they/he pronouns! i love kawaii culture and j fashion as well as mens formalwear and scenecore!

i'm also an artist, more specifically a cartoonist! i love drawing cartoony fan art for my favorite shows (currently inazuma eleven and dragon ball)! i mainly post on twitter but i post furry art on my FA (same username)!

i've been a furry since i was about 11 (maybe younger; i didnt know the word for it just yet) and ive been wanting to be more active in the community lately!

i'm currently saving up to buy a fursuit of one of my sonas named nos! i made a commissions thread already so i wont beg for commissions here lol

im located in the east tennessee area of knoxville, and id love to meet local furs or just chat online with anyone who wants to! i'm very friendly and love meeting new fur friends ^^ have a good day !!!


I lost my sock
Hey! Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll fit in just fine around here, there's plenty of other friendly folks around here who will definitely be happy to get to know you :) Enjoy your stay, and have fun posting!


Welcome! I just joined this forum recently as well so I don’t really know what it’s like around here yet, but hopefully we can all get along ^_^


Just a fox.
I'm just a few hops over, south of Asheville. I hope you have a really fun time here and make lots of friends. The Games section is a great place for some silly icebreakers if you haven't been there yet.

It's nice to meet you and if you just want to chat, feel free to message me! Everyone is pretty nice here so I think you'll have a nice time. I look forward to seeing you around the forums more.