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New Member
Been out of a job a while and really need some money to pay bills / rent. I have been applying to jobs but not getting much back. Not to mention I found a frog friend on a potted plant and am trying to take care of the little guy in a tank ( it's too cold to put him outside :'V ) feel free to note me or message me I am DandyBison on furaffinity and deviantart. I just started on FA yesterday but I have been on dA a while feel free to note me there too. I also have two $10 adopts open www.furaffinity.net: 2/2 OPEN $10 Adopts by DandyBison

Willing to Negotiate
PayPal only
$5 USD Head Shots
$10 USD Half Bodies
$15 USD Full Bodies

Taking 10 slots at a time, then there will be a waiting list were I will message you when I can take more.

Filled slots 0/10